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I'm feeling a little envious... (and a trip to L&D)

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Last time I was due on the second of the month, and Livi came early, so I was the second one in my DDC to go into labor. I'm feeling a little let down that I don't have a baby yet, now that all of these wonderful babies are being born. (But heartfelt congrats going out to the mamas and families!!!)

Oh well, I'll get over it. Just feeling a little nostalgic, KWIM?

In other news, we made a quick trip to L&D on Saturday! Babe had been really sluggish and slow all day, and by mid-afternoon I was in tears because I was so worried. I mean I hadn't seen my tummy move ALL DAY. I called my MW, and she said, "Go to the hosptial and get an NST." I started bawling. Then she felt all bad because she thought she freaked me out, but I told her that I was freaked out before I called, and that's why I called. She said, "Well, then, the system is working!"

So I went in and had the BEST nurse I have ever met in my life. She was SOOOOOO nice!!! She hooked me up to a monitor, and as soon as the cold gel hit my tummy, the baby started Riverdancing.
So this one's going to be a tricky one, hmmmmm?
Baby had three accelerations in about fifteen minutes, so he/she's doing just fine! I went home feeling much better, and my MW called about half an hour after I left the hospital (she had already been in touch with the nurse by phone) and apologized for scaring me and asked how I was doing. I told her I was much better, and that she hadn't scared me--she had just allowed me to do the one thing that reassured me.

Anyway, that was our "exciting" weekend, but certainly not as exciting as some others' weekends!!!
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s isn't it so scary when they go quiet, I'm glad everything is ok now
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Hang in there, your turn is just around the bend! I freaked out all the time with my DD. This pregnancy I'm a little more laid back, but I get worried, too when I don't feel movment as much. I think they're just getting squished and don't have much room anymore.
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