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I'm finally using my diapers! And here's what I think...

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Hello everyone,

I figure I posted enough on this forum during my diaper making frenzy that I would come back and let you all know I had the baby! (Birth story is posted). We are using all those lovely dipes I made. I'm so glad I went ahead and made a full newborn stash, because that is what he is using. Here's the rundown:

The side-aplix (Shar's side pattern pocket dipe for nb) is our favorite, fits the best. Unfortunately, I started that pattern late in the game and only have four of them

The homemade nb's from my friend's pattern are just a tad tight around the waist... and I had put crossover tabs on them! Whooops! They still fit, just barely.

Surprise: I love the cheap Gerber prefolds in a newborn wrap! Green-stitched infant prefolds don't fit, just too bulky.

Our favorite and best-fitting cover is the Nikky neworn wrap.

Second-favorite cover, esp. for nighttime, is my homemade 2-layer fleece wrap.

I'm not at all crazy about the famous KL o's! I like my homemade dipes much better.

I never got time to make any pockets, but he sleeps so much that I think I will get a chance soon.

BTW, he was 7 1/2 lbs and 19" long. I have 12 fitteds, 4 contours, and 6 prefolds, and am washing every 1-2 days.

Here is a pic:
(please ignore the pacifier, it was a moment of desperation dealing with scabbed nipples!)
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Joni... he's a darling!!! Thanks for giving us the run-down on the way the dipes are fitting!!
Congrats! And your baby and cover are so cute. Thanks for the info.

And don't you feel a bit of guilt over the pacifier. I used one when my baby was tiny and my boobs were on fire and other people were trying to hold him. Boy did I feel like a horrid mother with visions of my ds running around at 5 with one in his mouth. Well, after a few months he only used it at naptime, bedtime, and in the car, and he completely weaned himself at 14 months. But it was a Godsend during long car trips when he would use it!
Ahh he's so cute! My ds used a paci for just a few weeks when he was with daddy and I was at work. I just stopped offering it after I was able to SAH and he was just fine. He did suck 2 fingers in walrus position until about his first birthday, but he gave that up on his own as well.
I love making the shars pocket!
I may make some more in the next 6 weeks too.

He is lovely,well done
Hey Joni,

Congratulations! I know you from IndyAP. Very sweet cover! Some children love to suck, so the paci can be a good thing for them. I know my son needed one for a time.

So can you adapt the pattern you really like (shar's side pattern pocket) to make the next size up?
Joni, you have a beautiful son. Congratulations.

How wonderful and fulfilling to be using your own diapers and liking them more then the famous KLs! Pockets are quick and easy, and they work so well. Good luck!
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