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I'm glad I supplemented with formula!

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I know most of you are reading that title and wondering, but I am really glad that I had to supplement!

When I first started BFing it hurt, it was hard and time consuming. I really doubted whether I would be able to keep it up and wondered how on earth DH would handle it if I changed my mind.

Then the hospital made me supplement and I saw a huge change in my baby. She was fussy and gassy. She went from this sweet happy baby to an irritable mess.

We stopped the formula and I got my sweet baby back! And the bfing is getting easier each day. Still hurts a little, takes a lot of time, but my sweet little Ellie is happier and not fussy any more!

Now I know that my choice to BF is best for my family!
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your doing a great job hun! keep up the good work!

Good for you, mama--now you know first-hand, which will make it easier to handle any breastfeeding challenges that could come up in the future!
Good for you, mama! Now why can't doctors see that????
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia
Good for you, mama! Now why can't doctors see that????

Dr's aren't up at 3am with a fussy baby!
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exactly, that's one of the biggest problems I have with ff- I feel for the poor mamas who think what they're doing is going to be easier and better! and then have to deal with gas, reflux, constipation, which then leads to crankiness, less sleep, more dr's visits....oy. glad bf'ing is getting easier for you with time!
if the pain ever gets too much for you or you have any more issues, don't hesitate to call a *real* lactation consultant, they can help you find ways to improve latch *if* it is a latch issue or offer other suggestions so you don't have to deal with the supplementation again...this website helped me find one in my area a couple weeks ago.
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