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Im going to be friends labor "coach"!!!

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I am truly and utterly excited since childbirth is a favorite of mine. She is choosing naturaly and although she is not the most Earthy-birthy , rather a natural-wanna-be , She is reading my copy of< birthing from within> and so there is potential.
I myself learned the hard way about childbirth and hospitals and ended up with an emergency c the first time. The second time i changed the set-up, had a doula and midwives in the hospital, no drugs, attempted v-bac.... C sec again.

so, for me this is an opportunity of a life-time, attempting natural vicariously thru my single friend. I know that in order to succeed in a hospital setting ,even with mid-wives as she has, she will need to stay away from interventions. Im going with her to a basic childbirth class a few nites. she would like to do something else but it's the cost.
so, I'll be here priming my "coaching" skills

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Your friend is lucky to have someone to support her
Enjoy being with her through this special time...there is nothing like being with a birthing woman
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