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I'm grateful for...

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Hey mamas, haven't been around too much...feeling very overwhelmed and angry and sad. I'm trying to be grateful for all I do have, but I have a hard time saying I'm grateful when I want something more. I'm trying to develop more of a sense of gratitude & I figured y'all might want to join me.

So I'll go first...

I'm grateful that I have a healthy, beautiful daughter.
I'm grateful that I've been able to spend the first four years of her life home with her.
I'm grateful that I have my mother to lean on & watch Hannah while I go to school.
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Great idea bu's mama. Sorry you are going through a tough time right now.

I write my gratitudes regularly and it sure helps. Give it time and you'll start to feel better about things.

I am grateful for my life and my children's lives.
I am grateful for love.
I am grateful for opportunity.
I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful to know the importance of loving those around me.
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uh oh mods. - belovedk
: could we please keep this thread here please and not move it. i think as single moms some of our perspectives will be different. thanks

: bu's mama.

i am most grateful right now for having the ability to live in the present, to be able to focus on what i have rather than what i dont have. i am soooo, soooo grateful i am finally able to 'see' that finally.

i am so, so grateful too for the time i have on my hand now while i am jobless. just the time itself is making it clearer for me to concentrate what a life i want mine to be and who am i and what i want out of life. it is soo deeply satisfying to just have the time to think.

i am grateful for the time i am finally able to spend with my dd.

i am grateful for not stressing out.
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bu's mama

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter

...for being able to be at home w/dd

...for the support her father is able to provide

...for a healthy outlook on life

...for my challenges because they make me who I am and make me strong

...for my family and my friends

...for our mother earth

and for mdc and all the kind mamas here.
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I am grateful for my healthy sons
I am grateful for every minute i am able to spend with Caleb and every movement Cayden makes
I am grateful my own mother is able to spend time with Caleb
I am grateful to have a job to pay for our bills

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I'm grateful that I get to wake my boys up in the morning so we can prepare for the day!

I will have to add to this later.
MeeMee, This thread *so* belongs here, It won't be moved

I'm grateful for my supportive parents (in more ways than one)

That I can still be amicable with X

That it is spring break and I don't have to wake my kids for school

That we have so many fun plans for this week (some involving DCs father

For my great group of friends (many of them single moms)

For this MDC community

Much more....
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Thank you so much for this thread i have forgotten to be greatful for the things i have right now.
I am greatful for my friends who are helping me get by right now.
I am greatful for my mom and sister who listen to me. '
I am grateful i have my DD around to give me hugs and make me laugh (and selfless)
I am so gratful i have all my life experiances to make me stronger.

I am greatful for the single parenting forum to get strenghth throught this trying experience.
oh I can barly see the keys because I am crying....I soooo needed this..and all of yours are wonderful;

I am grateful for...

my beautiful and healthy angels

for my mom and dad who support me more than I can ever say

my sister,,we have NEVER been close but she has rallied behind me now

my best friends who is having me watch her dd and paying me so I can stay at
home with my kiddos ....water...animals.......freedom

the gift of watching my kids grow and knowing that I will alwasy be involved

having children and learning what true love is

quiet moments to reflect

MDC..and the strong and beautiful mammas who have helped me and are helping me through some really rough times, knowing that at anytime I can click on here and not be alone
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