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I'm having pain again 15 months later...

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... I'm feeling this dull pain like I had after dd was born 15 months ago!! I haven't had pain in MONTHS.... like... 7-8 months, anyway.

Now all day, I'm hurting (not REALLY bad.... just enough to be on my mind all day).

Its so hard to describe, too -- I don't think its the stitches. If I had to take a guess, I think that my pelvic (?) bone seperated when dd was born? I think there is a word for the condition, but I can't remember it. I had a lot of deep inner pain (it felt like muscle or bone pain -- not superficial / skin) and I could barely walk, stand, or even MOVE after she was born... it hurt so bad.

This feels reminiscent of that. I can still function, but its the same kind of hurt.

Why did it come back?? :\
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I'm sorry! Have you done anything lately that may have triggered it? (exercise, heavy lifting?) I hope someone else writes who knows more, but I's say try to take it a little easy for now if possible....
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