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I'm hungry... still

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My ds is 8 months old, a "big boy" and still nurses pretty much around the clock (every 3-4 hours). We have started baby food but he isn't terribly interested in it and I'm not going to push it.

This doesn't bother me but lately I am STARVED all the time. Does this wear off? I feel like I could eat all day every day and still feel hungry. If this is 8 months, I'm wondering how I'll keep up in another month or two...
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being so hungry is normal at this time, I am pretty sure the most you're going to make is right now and then tapers off again. requiring all those calories means you might need more of something; maybe more calcium or protien?
Eat, enjoy, nurse, be happy! what a wonderful and miraculous job you'r body is doing!
still starving-ds 14 months!!! I literally could eat three servings of each meal.
In fact, I'm about to go fix myself another midnight snack!
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Fireflys: How much is your ds nursing??
He still nurses a lot-gosh like 8 or 10 times a day-mostly snacks and I nurse him a couple of times a night I am guessing-I don't wake up really.
I was hungry all the time untill the last 2 weeks ds is 9 1/2 months
I am the only person who can gain weight while nurseing lol
I am 30 pounds heaveir than my ppw, and i only gained 9 pounds
I bought my ds a box of teething biscuits and he didn't like them... I ate the entire box yesterday 'cause we are leaving on vacation and I've eaten most everything else! I don't even like them! :LOL
I gain weight while nursing, too. It's so frsutrating!

Eventually with my first my appetite waned and I lost the weight back (and more) very quickly. I'm justpraying I hit that point again soon.

But I am SO HUNGRY all the time, while nursing, too
You may be hungry for reasons other than nursing. Breastfeeding doesn't take very many calories. They used to say a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk a day was what was needed for lactation but now the 'experts' are thinking it may be even less.

You probably have had many changes in your life the last 8 months. Your response may be to eat more. You may want to snack while sitting and nursing. You might be thirsty and your body makes you think thirst is hunger. When you feel you are hungry you might try drinking water and waiting 15-30 min and see if you still feel hungry.

The good news is you are going to have new changes that may get you more active and maybe less hungry. You are going to be keeping up with a crawling then walking child.

Nursing every 3-4 hours really isn't all that much for an 8 month old. It is worth it for you and your baby to keep nursing for at least 12 months. Two years is an even better goal. Some nursing mothers don't loose their 'baby fat' until they start having periods again.

I encourage you to think about the many reasons why you might be hungry other than breastfeeding. You may be having problems with your blood sugar getting low and making you hungry. I had problems with hypoglycemia when I was nursing and had to be careful.

Splurge on good for you, low calorie food to nipple on. I love unsweetened frozen fruit in place of ice cream - blueberries, mixed berries, pineapple, cherrries. Don't buy things you know you will pig out on.
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Quote: (sorry - don't know how to do this the cool way)
You may be hungry for reasons other than nursing. Breastfeeding doesn't take very many calories. They used to say a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk a day was what was needed for lactation but now the 'experts' are thinking it may be even less.

I just gotta disagree with these experts.

A friend gave her baby a huge bottle in front of me one time and it made me wonder how much milk I was really making. I had a look at how much formula a baby my age would take (about a litre or 4 cups I think at that time) and looked at how many calories that would be in normal cows milk. And then my milk is going to be richer (I think). Anyway - it's a lot of calories.

It's not in your head. Your body does need extra calories to make the milk for your baby.

If you're not putting on weight, you're obviously not eating too much. Eat, enjoy, be happy. Your body is amazing. Breastfeeding a crawling/walking baby who ísn't into food yet is the best diet plan I know
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I tend to be hungry all the time, too, and I've been steadily losing weight. I just keep eating, but try not to fill up on junk.

Oh, and if your 8 mo isn't interested in babyfood, you can just skip it. Let him have stuff off your plate when he shows interest.
I am so relieved to find this thread! I've been eating everything in sight the past few weeks, I'm so happy it's normal. Hubby's been paranoid I'm pregnant again, even though I KNOW I'm not lol.

Lucas is 9 months old and eats whatever I eat, today was Fruit Loops for breakfast, Chicken casserole for lunch, and half a dozen different things for snacks. He's been doing this for well over a month, but he STILL nurses every 2 - 4 hours and some nights ALL night long. He never had any interest in baby food or baby cereal.
My 18 month old eats anything, anytime, nurses about 6x a day and I am still eating like a horse to maintain my weight. Taking my prenatals, decent diet, all that. My servings are bigger than my hubby's at dinner!
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My dd is not quite 3 months but I too am constantly hungry!!

Originally Posted by foreverinbluejeans
You may be hungry for reasons other than nursing. Breastfeeding doesn't take very many calories. They used to say a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk a day was what was needed for lactation but now the 'experts' are thinking it may be even less.
I'm not sure I agree with the experts... I have lost more than 15 pounds from ppw and its still coming off. I didn't really have it to lose and haven't been this thin in years... I think since I started college.

I don't have any plans to quit nursing until ds is ready (and he is FAR, FAR from ready) but I do find your post interesting. I hadn't thought of hypoglycemia or something similar. I eat pretty healthily (mostly organics and I limit "snack food") so I don't really think I can point my finger at WHAT I'm eating... I'll have to think about this some more.
FWIW, I'm still really hungry too. My twins are 9 months old. I thought maybe it's because I'm nursing two babies, but perhaps that's just the way it is whether you're nursing a singleton or multiples. I recently started following the Weight Watchers plan (I've got quite a bit of weight I need to lose) and it's teaching me to be more mindful of what I eat. Lately I've been eating lots of vegetables, more fruits than sweets (I have a serious sweet tooth), and good amounts of proteins. As a result, my appetite is slowly subsiding. I'm still really hungry, but I think much of it's in my head.
I'm also still really thirsty (though not quite as much as I was right after my girls were born) and water with lemon seems to help supress my appetite somewhat. Maybe it's all in my head, but it's working for me.

I have a friend who just weaned her twins (they're 2 weeks older than mine) and she said her appetite has gone way down. I plan on nursing my girls as long as they want to go (it'll probably be years--both of them are little booby addicts
), so I won't know if my hearty appetite is tied to nursing or something else.
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