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I'm in! I think!

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Hi mamas!

Well, I only just took the test so my math may be a bit off but I think I'll be due in February. I am still a little surprised actually. I knew that missing my period was unusual but tomorrow I'm doing a triathlon and all last week I was so high strung about when I'd get it I thought perhaps I'd managed to wish it away. But yesterday I started feeling a familiar low-grade queasiness that didn't seem related to reace jitters and sure enough! Two lines!

What a rush of emotions! I had been feeling ready but dh and I hadn't been making a concerted effort. Now I feel excited and happy but also a little sad for dd whose life has changed and she doesn't even know it yet!

Well, I'll be back, but now I need to try to sleep well before tomorrow's race!
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What a great surprise for you! Welcome to the Feb. board!
Congratulations! I know that feeling of being a little sad about your first baby having to share your attention with the arrival of the's a hard adjustment. But worth it!
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Wow! You were running a triathalon? Cool! How'd you do? Will you continue to run/swim/bike? I used to run before kids. I miss it sometimes.

Anyway, congratulations and welcome!!!
Hi Mamas!
Yup, I did a tri on Sunday and it felt great. I did slow down once during the swim because I started out too fast and didn't want to bonk in the first leg of the race and then on the bike I stopped for a few seconds to let my heart rate slow a bit but I still ended up with my best overall time ever!
Now though I can focus on being pregnant! It's good to have another project, wouldn't want life to get dull or anything!

My first pregnancy was soooooo easy. I had the mildest morning sickness, and only in the morning. This time I feel queasy pretty much all day and most of the night too.
I'm also feeling crampier than last time although I guess that's because my uterus is all excited to stretch waaaay out again!

Yesterday I went to the gym but I was really unfocused without something to train for. I don't want to lose the fitness I have from all the triathlon training but I'm so sleepy and queasy I can't think of anything that sounds inspiring.

I just hope these symptoms will wear off sooner rather than later!

Well, thanks for the welcomes mamas! I'm in for sure!
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Wow!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and congratulations on your triathlon!!! I used to run long distance too; maybe I'll start again some day...good for you!!
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