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I'm in love...!!!

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With my new sling! I ordered a Moms in Mind sling. I paid for 2 day delivery and it got here overnight!!! I was totally bummed because when I ordered, the one that I wanted ended up being out of stock, so I got a silk one instead (kind of flashy!
)... And OMG!!! I love it!! It's so soft and nice feeling compared to my OTSBH. It has a zippered pocket in the tail. It has a lightly padded shoulder and rails. And it's SO PRETTY!!! I haven't gotten to try it on the baby yet because she's taking a marathon nap, but I tried it out with my two year old and it is so much more secure and comfrotable than my OTSBH! DH is going to wring my neck, because I also have an Ellaroo sling and a Baby Trekker on the way!:LOL

I love it!!! And I can't wait for Haley to wake up so I can stick her in it!!!!

Just thought I'd share!
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Oooh, I would love to see a pic too! Now that a found a sling that works I am becoming sling-addicted again!
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