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I'm in prodromol me!!

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I'm 38wks 2days and I've been having contractions every 5-7 minutes lasting about 40-50 seconds for 22 hours now. I can't sleep through them and I'm progressing SLOWLY. I started at about 1cm dilated and about 50% effaced. Checking myself again today, I'm about 75% effaced and about 2-3cm dilated. Cervix is moving more centrally and a little more forward. I went to the chiro and had accupressure for a while and I've been trying to keep active. What else can I do to get things boogying? I also pulled out the pump this morning for 30 minutes and it made them more intense, but, not any longer. Sex is out. Baby is too low and we've tried plenty this week with no actual sex happening. Things are just too sore and "full" down there. Thanks everyone!!!
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how about something to help you sleep? alcohol? skullcap? valerian? unisom or tylenol pm? that would definitely be my first choice - sleep and chances are you may wake up in active labor.
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dont know how to say this without getting in trouble
: mans sperm does have prostoglandulens that can cause ctx but just inducing orgasim releases them as well so u could try that if things dont work w/sex. Hope that was ok to put
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I completely know what you're saying....I've taken matters into my own hands quite a bit lately...I'll do it again this afternoon. The kids and I are going to take a nap later, so, hopefully I'll get a little rest, too. I'm continuing w/the accupressure points alternating feet and it's helping, but, still slow and steady. I've been over at and am pretty sure baby is LOA, but, continuing w/some of the exercises to KEEP her that way.
Oh honey, I went through so much prodromal labor with my 2nd baby! It really stinks when you are doing so much work and just not seeing the reward yet (although, I do believe your body is doing some real work that you just can't see). I agree with Pamela, find a way to get some sleep. I know a few times with child #2, I had a drink and took a hot bath, had my husband rub my back and found any sort of position that I could nap in. At least that way when things really pick up you will be rested.... and it helps eat up some of the time before baby makes his/her enterance. I would actually do that rather than try to kick labor over into high gear because honestly, that could just take even longer.... kwim? A few times I tried to make the contractions stronger by doing some nipple stim, herbs, etc.... and it was just a bad idea because I worked soooooo much harder and it still didn't produce the baby. So, if you can rest instead, you might find that more beneficial. I hope things really get going for you soon!!
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A midwife friend of mine always recommends that you try to achieve the big O
-- for me it was nearly physically impossible but worth a shot right?
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I was going to say the same thing as Pam. Have a nice big glass of red wine and get comfy. Try to take a nap, even for just a fe wminutes. Hugs mama.
Some great information here.
Yeah, try to rest as much as you can. If you can't sleep, then do relaxing things. Warm bath, good food, quiet and privacy.

And, as for "taking matters into your own hands"
-- try it while squatting.
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Hey, I was going to suggest what Pam suggested (so it must be a good suggestion, no?
). I had a lot of prodromal labor with #2 (leading up to a long, slow labor). As much as I wanted it to just turn into the real thing so we could get the show on the road, it seemed like staying rested and mentally centered was ultimately more important. So yeah... have a nice dinner, 1/2 a glass (or a full glass if you feel like it) of wine, and try to get some rest. It won't go on forever...
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Thanks mamas....I was able to get a little nap in and as soon as I stood up the contractions were back, so, I'm very relieved I got some rest. I'm going to see if Dan can take the kids somewhere for a bit tonight so I can just focus on relaxing. Thanks for all the help! Hopefully things will continue.
Ugh that's so hard. I had it bad with dd2 but also with dd1 some. It's emotionally draining. My midwife (who is pretty mainstream) said that some women find it useful to drink 1/2 glass of red wine before bedtime. There's something in the wine that relaxes soft muscles, which your uterus is made of, and can calm the labor for a short time, as well as relax the women so they can sleep. I only tried it a couple of times but it did seem to help some.
I had prodomal labor for a few days with dd....
What helped me was to get on my hands and knees and sway. My midwife felt that my dd had her hand up by her face and that was what was blocking her from continuing on down. By being on hands and knees it helps the baby to go back up then into the right position. You can try all fours or chest down.
CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG MAMAS WITH MORE EXPERIENCE! I just know from my birth- i am trying to paste the thread with no luck!
hang in there mama!!!
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