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I'm Just Here to Brag

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...about how great my dog is with our baby.

Nellie loves the baby, is very protective of her, tolerates all the eye poking, ear probing, eyelash pulling, tounge grabbing, and food stealing that the baby does.

Last week, I was doing dishes and I heard the dog growl at the baby! I was furious, I turned around ready to lay the dog out, and then I saw that Nellie was lying in front of the basement stairs. I forgot to close the door.
Nellie was guarding the stairs and the baby got too close.

The baby, who has a headfull of teeth, is going thru a pretty intense biting phase, and today she grabbed Nellie's head and bit her right on the nose. And the dog just took it, because she's awesome.
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Wow! That is amazing about the dog guarding the door! Cool!
It's great when they are so good with the little ones, isn't it?
Thats sooo cool! My brother had a dog who was great like that. Sadly she has since passed away.
Sweet Nellie
She's doing a great job taking care of her baby girl

My old Rottie has been like that- all the kids, when learning how to walk, fell on him numerous times, and he has a very arthritic back. He would just look patiently at them, but never moved. And he has come to get me more than once when I've forgotten to turn the baby monitor on and the baby was crying.
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