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I'm leaking!

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Of course I can't be sure what it is, but the past few days I've noticed a bit of discharge--assumed it was pee. It's getting worse. I just talked to my midwife who advised I go to the ER and have a litmus paper test, and probably an ultrasound, to rule out amniotic fluid.

I'm a bit freaked out. Has anyone had this problem? I'm leaving shortly for the hospital (arranging a sitter for my kids; dh will meet me at the hospital).

Any reassuance would be appreciated!
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Well, I remember leaking what I thought was amniotic fluid at the end of my pregnancy, went to the doc, and he said that it was not amniotic fluid (did the paper strip test). I don't know what it was, but everything was fine.
I had the same thing...kinda... I called my mw about it and myappt was the next day. it turns out I jsut had a HUGE HUGE HUGE increase in discharge! I didn't have any with ds and I'm swimming in it now!

I hope everything is fine! (an should get to see your little one!)
Hi, Colleen, I sent you an e-mail just seconds ago, but thought I'd post here, to in case you're away from home.

Basic message of my e-mail was -- let's hope it's just regular discharge or pee. But, in the odd case that it is amniotic fluid, be aware that this does not mean instant labor. Slow leaks from near the top (or sides or bottom) of the bag of waters do mend themselves. My midwife has had a TON of experience with this. Other midwives in the area call her in on leaking early cases. I sent you her phone number to call for information if it is a leak.

So once, again, just try to breathe and trust. Sending you peaceful vibes.
Well, after 4.5 hours in the ER. . .

It was NOT amniotic fluid (yaaahhh!). But I had all the tests (ick!). They gave me a bladder catheter (protocol in the ER for ultrasound), ultrasound, drew blood (to check type as I didn't know), and did a speculum exam (double ick).

More good news: It's a girl!! And everything developmentally looks excellent. And, my date moved up almost a week.

Also, I'd just like to say that I did not feel hassled AT ALL about homebirth/midwife. The triage nurse also had a midwife, and the ER doc was very "cool" about it (for lack of a better word).

So, a big whew over here!

(I'll post similar message on March Mamas thread).
Just sending you a big hug and sorry for the scare. I too spent several hours at the hosp. in preterm labor. If anyone comes near me with a gloved hand anytime soon I'll freak. When they said no sex I was like, "uh that's more than fine with me!" :LOL

Congrats on the GIRL! :) Glad everything looks okay. I use Serenity pads sometimes on days when I get more mucous discharge and bladder leakage.

I was exceptionally leaky from about 26 weeks with Eli. Most of the time, it was urine, but for the last week it was amniotic fluid
. This time, I am doing regular kegels to make sure that I can tell the difference!

I used the poise pantiliners. They're fairly discreet and much easier to deal with than damp panties.
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But Hilary, what if you're carrying some nasty pathogens, like group B strep, for example? I managed to develop an infection when my water broke, and no one had done an internal exam on me at all. Paranoia isn't always a bad thing, and I totally regret that I wasn't more paranoid when I got extra leaky.
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