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I'm losing weight!

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I have lost almost 10 lbs! What is that about? I'm eating well...maybe that's it?
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are you throwing up a lot? i always lose a lot of weight the first few months.
I always lose weight in the first trimester too, not 10 pounds but usually some. I have no appitite and I swear my metabolism shoots up making me almost jittery but with no energy.

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I usually lose 10 lbs in the first trimester -- and I started off my first preg at 100 lbs! I always gained it back plus the "recommended" amount of weight over the next 6 months, though. And I only threw up in my first preg -- and then, only maybe a dozen times.
I am overweight to begin with and I always lose weight during the first few weeks... I am not nauseous but I guess I just make more of a concious effort to eat better and I do have less appetite...
I usually start gaining at about 20 weeks and gain around 15-20 pounds in all...
First preg, I lost weight in the first trimester, then gained it back by the end of that trimester, so at the end, I was the same weight as where I'd started. I hadn't ever thrown up during that time, but I was conciously trying to eat healthier. Unfortunately, when I eat healthier, I end up eating alot less because my range of "likes" is very small - I'm a VERY picky eater. My midwife told me to eat more (she didn't think I'd been eating enough when she looked at my diet sheet), and I gained 22 lbs during the 2nd trimester! Preg ended just a week and a half later (good results, thankfully!), so I doubt I'd gained much more than that 22 lbs by the end, but if I'd gone full term, I'm sure I would have been over the "recommended" weight gain, not that my midwife would care. She was more worried that I wasn't eating enough for the baby rather than being worried about me gaining weight, and I think she was right.

This preg, I've gained 3 lbs so far, and I'm only 7.5 weeks.
Also, I started out more overweight than last time, and I'm in the weight range where the "recommended" amount of gain is 15-25 lbs, and I barely make it in that range.
I hadn't lost the first pregnancy weight, since I seem to be one of those people that GAINS weight while breastfeeding!
: Of course, I still love breastfeeding and won't let a little (or alot!) weight gain deter me.
My sister gained weight while breastfeeding too, but now she's lost all that weight (it took several years, but her son is 7 now and she's a good weight again).
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Its normal, just remember your body will do what it need to do to grow a healthy babe. As long as you are eating healthy!

Some woman loose, some gain and some stay the same.
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Thanks everyone. I'm not over weight but I'm not super slim either. I have been eating but I'm not having a latte a day, or snacking as much because I just don't feel like it.

I am also really trying to eat fruit and veggies, something I'm really not good at so I'm sure that is part of it.

I'm sure its was just wierd to step on the scale and read that I had lost 10lbs since the last time I did it!
When I went for my first visit yesterday, they weighed me and I was so surprised that I didn't weigh more! I feel bigger but then my clothes still fit, which always surprises me! Also, I'm not exercising as much and as intensely and I have a super slow metabolism and I'm short so I just feel kind of sluggish but I feel that this is safer for the babe (or peek-a-boo as my grandmother calls him/her!). Maybe my metabolism is up and that just balances everything out - ?
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