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I'm making progress!!!

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When DS was 6 weeks old, my SIL said she didn't think she could breastfeed because she'd be too embarrassed to do it in public, even with a blanket over her. Yesterday, I was nursing DS at a wedding shower and SIL talked to me while I nursed with no blanket and a lowcut shirt (so my breast was half exposed) without even being embarrassed! Trust me, with this girl, it's a big deal. Even better than that - she vented to me for five minutes about her sister who's pregnant who's only planning on nursing for a month. She's now planning on nursing her children for at least a year! Yay!!! I can't believe she's made such a turnaround! I must be a good influence, because I'm the only person she knows that's nursing.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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