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Im moving into my own place finally..

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Ive been divorced for almost a year and living w/ my bf.. and really just needing space, but not able to afford my own place. He is one of those emotionally abusive, distant, punitive, negative hostile-type people. When we met he was on a different path, and now its all about success and appearances. My ex husband and I broke up bc he flipped out and acted very poorly towards myself and my dd. We moved across the country, w/ my bf, to get away from it. So I am soo soo happy to be moving into my own place finally. I get to heal and be separate. I get to have my own friends and my own standards for my life, my children, even my housecleaning. No more berating, shouting, dismissing, disapproval. Ive been quasi-single for soo long now, self sufficient for myself and the kids, separate financially and even in our free time. But now I finally get to be free- and my ex husband also sees the value in this and is renting the place for us so I can continue to homeschool.

Ive been reading here awhile now and Im very glad to join y'all!
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Hi Sadie! Welcome, and sounds like a wonderful thing to move into your own place! When I moved out of my mom's (where I went after my marriage died), it was so great...and it just gets better over time, as you finally learn how to keep everything going and take care of the kiddos and yourself. You'll have so much fun!
Welcome. I'm glad you've joined us.

It is very liberating to move into your own space. Enjoy it.

thats great, it is a wonderful feeling! your bf sounds a lot like dd's dad...enJOY your new space!

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Thanks for all the welcomes! I just cant wait til we move in- its so tense around here, feels like some sort of limbo. My current bf doesnt fully realize I dont just want space- I am going to be single. I dont feel comfortable saying it yet because then he could be a total jerk to me or the kids.. so I really cant wait to get out of here! Ive been wanting to end this relationahip for a while, but I had no options so I just tried to keep it light and sweet.
: Ive been telling my ex husband for several months now that I want to move out, whenever hes ready to set us up a place. I knew that if I laid on the pressure he wouldnt do it.. so I just waited. We are going to look at a house for rent today.. I am so excited!! I hope we get the place.
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