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I'm new and in Maine :)

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I'm in Bucksport, which is 30 minutes from Bangor, Ellsworth, and Belfast, about an hour from MDI. I have three kids, a 5yo DS, a 3 1/2yo DD and a 9mo DS. We're homeschoolers. I like beads, but mine are collecting dust because I DO NOT like picking 5 million of them up off the carpet (I figured that out about the 5th time I tried it), and I'm trying to learn how to knit, but all of my second stiches in from the end appear to be connected to the same one last stitch and I haven't figured out how to fix that yet. I need to soon, or my kids will be wearing vallance shaped scarves next winter

If anyone kinda nearby wants to get together that would be wonderful. If not, I'll just talk to you all here.
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Hi. I'm in Bangor. Where were you before coming to Maine? What brought you here?
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Hi There! We're on MDI. Have you JUST moved to Maine? Where are you from? How did you just find the mothering board? Am I being too nosey? lol.

Anyway, Welcome! I've not done a Maine get together but think it would be such fun!
Hello - welcome to Maine!

I have yet to get together with anyone from the Mothering Board yet - but I would like to. I have been feeling very disconnected lately. It would be great to get together and chat. I live in Biddeford (I moved to Maine 3 years ago) but I have no problems with driving a bit.
Actually, I'm from Maine. I grew up in Bucksport, but found it suffocating to be in such a small town where everyone knew my parents and my business so I moved to NC after I graduated. I was there for a couple of years and then I got pregnant with my first. I had somehow developed a skewed vision of what life was like here and thought it would be a good place to raise my child
. After ds was born, I moved to central Maine (West Bowdoin and Lisbon Falls) but cost of living drove us back to Bucksport. So here I am. Not the most child friendly town I've seen.

I got a Mothering magazine in my baby package from the hospital when I had my last one almost 10 months ago. I love parenting mags, but most of them have alot of stuff I don't really agree with ("healthy" recipes for kids using Velveeta!). I really liked the magazine but couldn't remember the name so I was trying to find it online and I ended up here. The parents I know around here are generally pretty closed minded. I'm kinda "weird" to the people that I know because I don't yell, don't spank, buy some organic, give my kids veggies as a snack, homeschool and various other things like that. It's great to see there are some other like minded (in someways at least) moms in the area.

I would love to get together with anyone and everyone who is interested. Unfortunately, my car is broken right now
We have a bit of a limited income right now, so I don't know how long before it's fixed. But if anyone wants to get together when it's fixed - or if anyone is passing through Bucksport
- that would be great.

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Well - quidditchmom - I think I need to work on my reading skills and learn the difference between 'and' and 'to'....sorry for the mixup.

I hear you when it comes to being surrounded by the less than open-minded. For the moment I need to work full-time so we have little H in a day care. I found a place that seemed good (and that I could afford) - the director was great
Then when it was time to send her there the director had changed as well as the way the place was run - long story short - they are not a very good fit for us. What is even more irritating is there is a comment made daily about our "crazy ways" (cloth diapers, breastfeeding, taking H hiking - that is right, we are really crazy :LOL ) I really hope to get a different set up soon - every day when I pick her up they are screaming at some kid in the toddler room.

Sorry you are 'town bound' because of your car situation - I know how that is
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Too bad you don't live nearby, I babysit. And I'm cool with all that crazy stuff
(except that cloth diapering, I just couldn't figure it out. He pees through three diapers at once and he used to go every five minutes. I just let him go naked whenever I can instead. He's much happier that way anyways

I know all about comments being made in daycare. I used to work at one and all the 'teachers' did all day was
all about the parents. Also, when my 1st ds was little he went to day care and there was an organically grown child in the room with him. There was always a fight about whose turn it was to change his diaper. According to them organically grown = super stinky!

Just out of curiosity, do they think you're crazy for breast feeding? I didn't with my first two
and all of the moms I know gave me a hard time about it because they all did. Now I am, and they think I'm strange cause ds is 10mo old and we're still at it. They only did it for a couple of months at the most, then stopped because the baby started to become to people-like for them to still want to do it.

I didn't even tell them that when ds#1 saw me bfing ds#2 he wanted to start
. Just so you know, I didn't let him, that would kinda freak me out!
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WOW - you gave me a much needed laugh! Isn't it always the way - you are wrong if you don't and wrong if you do! People just love to find fault (what a waste of energy) :LOL

There is only one other person who breastfeeds at my daycare and it is the general opinion of those there that it is too hard and too wierd.

As for the cloth diapers - we have had pretty good luck with them so far (once again - daycare not thrilled - oh well, too bad for them
) We are not, however, using ones made from organic materials (we use Fuzibunz - very few leaks so far). Little H loves being naked also - she just squeels - very funny.

I really like the home schooling thing - I am just not sure how to make it work - but it is on my mind all the time.
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Homeschooling is great! At least for us. I think it really starts at birth. There is so much time wasted between birth and when they're supposed to start school and there are so many things that they're interested in.

I know your dc is young, but if you ever want to chat about it, I love to

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Thanks! I would really like to learn more about home schooling. I think babies hit the ground running when it comes to learning. Little H is so interested in everything - which I find a lot of fun. T and I talk to her all the time - explaining what we are doing/what she is seeing. I have taken her on job sites with me (out in the woods)....I don't know how much she absorbs - but she does seem to enjoy the chatter. We have gone to the art museum in Portland - that was also a big hit! I am not into the flash card thing - I just try to experience the world around us with her. It seems to make a difference now - I can not help but think that she would hold onto a love a learning if it were presented in a less regimented format than 'traditional' school. Now who's

I hope we will be able to go down that road when the time comes (if it looks like it will be a good fit for her).

Do you plan on homeschooling the whole way (through high school)?

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Ugh. I have a sick, sick baby on my hands. He's got an ear infection and it looks like I might have to cave and give him antibiotics
I really don't want to, but this is the first one I've been through and no one wants to talk to me about it, antibiotics seem to be just the thing to do, so I don't know if what is going on is ok or not and what I can do.

I'm planning on homeschooling until it's not working anymore for us. If my kids ever want to go to regular school, I'll let them (as long as they're old enough that I would let them stay by themselves, because I'm kinda funny about leaving them with people I don't know even if they are teachers), but I don't think I'd ever make them. DS#1 is pretty convinced he's going to college when he's 10 so it won't be an issue for him :LOL .

I think homeschooling is a good fit for any child, although not always a good fit for the whole family. Many kids learn better in a less structured environment than school. We do some with flashcard type things - more like educational picture books though. It's great for exposing them to things they might otherwise not, like deep sea creatures or planets. And it's so much easier to have all the information you want - and none that you don't - in an accessable format. But we don't do the kind like you find at walmart : this is a ball, this is a dog....

I agree that the best way they can learn is by expiriencing things through trips like the ones you do. I'm sure she'll get more than you realize, even if she doesn't show it. And even if she doesn't understand, it's still exposing her to new things and getting her brain working and that's always good.

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I just wanted to say hello. I'm in Portland. (lived in boston when I joined mdc but honest to maude, I'm a real mainer) ;-)

I'm 28, the mom of an almost 4 year old girl called Birdie. I used cloth, natural medicine & homeopathy. we have a great naturapathic dr/midwife at a nearby birth center we recommend.

I dont' often go up north though I have family up there. I'll be in bangor this weekend and acadia in a few weekends. I really want to go to a place I went to as a little kid called Sand Beach. I think it's a state park. I just really want to has anyone heard of it? I think it might be in Acadia.

Anyway, i couldnt ignore a thread about maine mamas even if I don't particularly fit in (I'm not ap, just NFL). But Ihope you're having a nice summer. It's a gorgeous week we're having in portland.

Greetings Kate! Don't worry about fitting, in we are a mixed bunch - ALL are welcome!

Diana - I was sorry to hear about the ear infection problem - I just went through that with little H. I had the same trouble you did and ended up giving her antibiotics
My questions about an alternative were not well recieved, my doctor took it in stide - he is very nice and open, everyone else acted as though I was looking to buy leaches!
Little H was not happy with the whole deal, but seems ok now. The last day for the antibiotic was a bit much - she was happy, giggling about everything, I pulled the antibiotic out of the fridge, she sees it and bursts into tears. I took out the last dose to give her and threw away the bottle (showing her what I was doing) and she stopped crying. I was very glad when it was finally over with. There has got to be a better way. It is hard enough giving them something that you KNOW is good for them that makes them unhappy - add to that something you are on the fence about....

Kate - you go to a naturapath? What do they suggest for ear infections? - or have you not had to deal with that?

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Originally Posted by boston
I dont' often go up north though I have family up there. I'll be in bangor this weekend and acadia in a few weekends. I really want to go to a place I went to as a little kid called Sand Beach. I think it's a state park. I just really want to has anyone heard of it? I think it might be in Acadia. kate

Sand Beach is part of Acadia- you can't miss it- it's located on the short stretch of the park loop road that you have to pay to access.
Sand beach is nice, but there's another spot I like much better I think it's in Southwest Harbor - Echo Lake. It's fresh water (so you don't freeze) but it's got a nice sand beach. And when we were there last year there was a family of ducks that walked right up on the sand around all the people and swam with everyone. It's so great.

I toughed out the ear infection. I didn't think we would make it. I had finally decided that I would try the antibiotics, because I didn't see an end in sight. Then ds started screaming and I couldn't get him to calm down for about 2 hours - I was going to arrainge a ride to the ER. But then all of a sudden he stopped and it was over. He's great now, and I've been recommended a few homeopathic remedies for next time.

I am moving to Portland in August! Any AP resources that anyone could give me would be great!

Ian 12/24/04
hey memom. what kind of resources are you looking for? If you need a midwife/dr/ped, check out Ballard House. It's a (the?) birth center in Portland. It's a good place to find a doctor/midwife if you're searching for naturapathic or holistic healthcare. Another great group is Northern Sun Family Healthcare in Topsham. (about 30 min north). They are another midwives/drs group. They do home births and family medicine. Very herbal/homeopathic and not to mention wonderful people.

hmm what else. At the local Wild Oats they sell cloth dipes. Adorable ones. AIO's. I didn't look at them but I think they were kushies. I've never seen AIO's in a store before. When I used them I bought mine all online. Wild Oats also has baby's only organic formula, another thing I had to buy online back in the day.

That's all that pops into my mind at the moment. It's a great city. I love it here. I hope you do too.
I have my car and my baby is feeling better. Yay!

If anyone wants to get together, let me know.

BTW, the 'weirder', the better. I go to a playgroup full of super mainstream mommies and with the looks I'm getting I'm starting to think I smell funny :LOL . Without thinking about it, I entered into a discussion about birth today and mentioned that I thought I'd have my next (assuming there is one) at home. The discussion instantly stopped and everyone looked at me.

Same thing happened last week when we were discussing kids diets and the week before when vaccines were the topic. Hmm, I'm starting to see a pattern here.

So ideally a organic vegan, CDing, co sleeping, APing, no vaxing, totally homeopathic playmate would be good...wouldn't make me the weirdest one in the room for a change :LOL

But, seriously, anyone who wants to get together, I'm up for it. We can do it here, there or somewhere in between.

Let me know!

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too tired and a bit braindead to write much... but I'm in Rockland, 'bout an hour or so up the coast from Brunswick. Grew up in B-wick- couldn't go back! Plus my mom lives here. Went ot college in Santa Cruz Ca, met my dh (who is from Santa Barbara) and had dd at home in SC, then converted my dh and here we are! We love it.

Originally Posted by Helena's mamma
Kate - you go to a naturapath? What do they suggest for ear infections? - or have you not had to deal with that?

oh sorry Rebecca, I didn't see this before!
Messaging you now.
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