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I was due with Kolaiah, my second baby, on August 30th. Well, August came and went...and so did the first week of September, and still no baby. Finally my midwife scheduled me to be induced on September 9th. I was 10 days overdue and beyond ready to have this little guy already! My labour with my #1 ds was 56 hours of hell and I really did not want a repeat of that, so I was a little scared going into this. I didn't know what to expect. But September 9th came and I was still pregnant, so we went to the hospital.
We showed up at 7am. I was dialated to a 1 and about 50% effaced. I was monitored while I took a dose of Cytotec, then we were sent to walk for an hour and a half. I was having very mild contractions every 5 minutes.
We came back and I was a 2, about 60% effaced. Again, I was on the monitor while given another dose of Cytotec, then we went out to walk again. I was having slightly more painful contractions every 3-4 minutes, but I wouldn't even call it labour. I was starting to get discouraged, and worrying that they would send me home.
When we got back I was a 3 and about 70% effaced. The nurse called for my midwife, gave me a 3rd dose of Cytotec and said after my hour on the monitor was up, I would be sent up to labour and delivery to have my water broken. Yay! About time! It was 3 o'clock already!
So, at 4 I went to labour and delivery, where my midwife broke my water and said to expect to have a baby by midnight. So I settled in for a long wait. I was still only a 3 and 70%.
By 5, my contractions were coming harder, longer and closer together. I was surprised by how fast it got painful. I had been planning for a water birth, but much to my dismay, when I got in the tub I felt sick, hot and the contractions were worse, not better. So I got out and went back to sitting in bed.
At about 5:30 things got really intense and I was having a hard time staying on top of the contractions. There was a woman down the hall screaming at the top of her lungs and it was just grating on my nerves.
At 6, I was sobbing in my DP's lap that I wanted to go home. My midwife checked me and I was only a 4.
I was shaking uncontrollably and my midwife felt certain I was heading into transition.
I had planned to go drug-free, but by this time I was ready to throw my birth plan out the window. Nothing had gone as I'd planned, and I knew I would not be able to handle another 6 hours of this, so I asked for an epidural at 6:30.
I was still only a 4 at 7pm when the anesthesiologist came. Once the epidural was in my midwife suggested we get some sleep. She wasn't sure if we'd have a September 9th baby, or if he'd come after midnight.
I called my 4 year old and talked to him for about 45 minutes, then my DP and I prepared for a little nap. I mentioned to my nurse that I sort of felt some pressure, so she had my midwife check me and I was complete.

So I laid on my side with my DP behind me supporting my leg while I was pushed.
For 20 minutes I pushed, and I'd had a low dose epidural so I could feel him crowning. It was the most painful, beautiful thing I'd ever felt. I felt so serene just visualizing my baby moving down. My DP watched him emerge.
He was born at 8:09pm. His APGARs were 9 and 9. He weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. 20 in. long with a head circumference of 14 in. Perfect and beautiful in every way. My DP got to cut his cord after we'd let it stop pulsing. My midwife actually let us both feel the pulse in the cord. That was amazing!
Much to my surprise, I didn't need a single stitch. I didn't tear at all, just a small skid mark in one spot, which I never felt any pain from.
It wasn't the birth I'd planned, but it was beautiful and unique and I will never forget the calm I felt pushing him out and just feeling him crowning without any other pain. It was incredible and I want to do it again soon. I must be nuts!
Here are photos if you'd like to see. Thanks for reading!

Ashe, mom to Kolaiah James 09/09/03 and Gabriel Ryan 04/21/99

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Congratulations! I'm glad you enjoyed your birth so much--it's not every day you hear a mama who just went through it say that they want to do it again soon!

Hopefully I'll be seeing you in the Sept babies forum soon

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Congratulations!!! Your children are both adorable. How big was Kolaiah? I couldn't read the scale, but he looked like a pretty good sized babe.

I'm glad things worked out for you with the Cytotec; I've read scary things about it so that would have really freaked me out.
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