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I'm New Here to!

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Hi! I just decided to test today and the stick turned blue before I was even done peeing! I wasn't expecting this just yet we were going to start trying in October but oh well! We have two daughters one is five and the other is 18 months. glad to join you all!

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Welcome Andrea! Any idea when you'll be due?
I didn't even put that did I!? One thing going by my lmp said Dec 11th and the other going by date of conception (there was only one possibility) said the 7th so...sometime early to mid December! My sister is excited b/c her birthday is the 1st so she is hoping the baby comes close to her b-day.
Welcome & congrats, Andrea!

I'm Shannon & this is my 4th baby. I'm hoping for another HBAC & think I'm due around the end of Nov/first of Dec.

Congrats again!!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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