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Hi mamas!

I just got a
last Thursday, and according to the LMP method I would be due 2/3/06... But I had preterm labor with my son and he was 3 weeks & 2 days early, so I am guesstimating I will have this one in the last few weeks of January or so. I am very excited! But nervous at the same time, since I had 7 weeks of bedrest with the last pregnancy, and that was hard enough without kids to take care of. Now I have a 2 1/2 yr old son, a 2 yr. old foster daughter and an 8 yr. old foster daughter with very special needs. So I'll be busy, to say the least, and trying to take it a little easier this time around... Maybe I can avoid the whole PTL/bed rest thing and focus on enjoying my pregancy this time!

I'm feeling great right now, lots of energy and I'm happy!
Awaiting the inevitable morning sickness that should be coming next week or so...

Congratulations to you mamas and I hope to talk you all throughout our wonderful little adventures! (I'm in a great group in the Toddler Forum for our Nov/Dec 2002 kiddos and we have such a great friendship, I hope I can have another group like that for this babe!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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