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I'm not feeling the Zolo love, help!!!

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I received a zolo organic sling from my SIL and I'm hating it, which I find really surprising....

I have a 6 week old (ahhh!) and have to wear him all day to keep up with my almost 4 yo. I've been using the moby wrap a lot and maybe it's just b/c it's so comfortable to have him in that tummy to tummy (though he's getting a little long for my incredibly short waist), that when I try the zolo, I'm in pain in minutes. I have a maya wrap that's slightly more comfortable. So, I'm thinking that I'm missing something. First the rings are impossible to adjust (esp to loosen). And second, the shoulder doesn't seem to cup very well.

I am incredibly shortwaisted and almost exchanged my small for an extra small, so I wonder if that's it, but it's adjustable, so that should not be the whole deal.

Any suggestions or should I just cut my losses and try to swap it for a kozy

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There are so many shoulder styles out there and each one works differently for people IMO. I happen to like the Zolo but I like a narrower shoulder. If you're used to wrap shoulders with your Moby it really will feel different. You might try unthreading it and rethreading it to be sure it's straight. Also be sure to check out the troubleshooting page at for some more help. It also may indeed be the fabric-I heard the organic cotton is stiffer than the others and may be harder to adjust.
And don't feel bad if it just doesn't work for you-there are lots of others out there to try!
Good luck
You know, I always thought the Zolo shoulder was narrow until I got a silk one recently for my sister who is pg, and I've gotten to play with it since the baby isn't here yet. I remembered reading Darien telling someone to use their thumbs to pull out the shoulder pleats, so that's what I did, and it makes such a huge difference. Just hook your thumbs under and grab that first fold near the edge on each side, and pull the edges outward. It will make the outer one cup the shoulder really nicely!

Also, when I first put it on I could not loosen it really either. It looked fine the way it was threaded, but I took it out and re-threaded it and for some reason it really helped. It does not look any different from the way it was threaded, but it felt different, so maybe try that too.

Have you watched the video clips on the Zolo site? They might help too.
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The videos are here. The "taking baby out" video shows a natural cotton sling. Support baby's weight and hook your finger under the fabric to loosen it.

Also, I only tighten and loosen the top rail, not the whole thing. Get the main pouch of the sling where you want it before you put the baby in, loosen the top rail, then put the baby in and tighten only the top rail by pulling up and over. When people pull down on the whole tail, the fabric gets all twisted in the rings and is harder to loosen.

It takes practice, but once you get it, it's second nature and takes seconds to put the sling on and take it off.

Tupelo Honey's suggestion to pull the shoulder folds out is also helpful. It should be cupping your shoulder, not resting on your neck. Check out the troubleshooting page also.

Your size should not affect it. I have friends who are 5' tall and totally comfortable.

The Moby is very comfortable and a wonderful carrier. I loved my Moby, too, and used it to get my son to nap every day from 5 m (when I got it) to about 12 m. But now that my son is older (15 m), he does not like it anymore. I think he's afraid he might fall asleep in it - and sleep is his mortal enemy.
My point is that even though the Moby is your favorite now, you might enjoy the ring sling later. Personally I find ring slings easier for nursing, and natural cotton is definitely cooler than the Moby in the summer.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you continue to have problems.
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Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I will keep playing with it (rethread it and try to pull the shoulder out) and see if I can figure out how to make it work for us. After trying to nurse Theo at the video store last night in the Moby, a ring sling does seem to sometimes be the way to go, LOL. Not to mention, today's heat wave sent me to the fabric store to buy gauze in order to make my own wrap. The Moby is too hot....

And if I still can't feel the love in the next few months, I can always share the Zolo love with some other MDC mama...

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