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I'm not worried...Should I be? *weight gain*

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I am 33 weeks and I look about 5 months pg.
as of right now I am at my pre-pregnancy weight, 155. (I'm 5'6 so I was just about right). I lost a lot in the begining because I was so sick, but gained it back. In the past month I have lost and gained back and lost again a couple of pounds. I eat when I am hungry and try to keep my (vegan) diet balanced. My MW is not concerned and says the baby feels like she is just the right size, and has been measuring perfectly all along.

I feel like I should be worried about this, but I'm really not at all. Does anyone know if its "normal" not to gain much weight in a first pregnancy, and if there are any potential problems besides low birth weight? I have been trying to add a protien shake to my diet at least every other day, but it seems to make me really nauseated... too much protein i think. I just want to make sure that I am getting enough nutrients, since I know the baby is taking all the good stuff
(my butt has been slowly disapearing).

Any experience or tips for "fattening-up" my diet would be great!
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ok i'm not vegan and i have to eat six times a day. so i am thinking you will have to eat more. i don't like to eat a lot of meat, and when i don't, i have to eat waaay more often. but maybe i'm just not used to it.

avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds (maybe grind up and put in a smoothie-very good for baby). all these things have fats.

what kind of stuff do you eat? i bet you eat really healthy and your baby will be super healthy if you are vegan! i take a whole foods vitamin. whole grains have lots of protein, but you have to eat lots. of course beans and peanut butter. i am tired of those things for sure at this point!

i think it depends on how much you weigh before you are pregnant also. when i was 9 months prego with my son i only weighed 160. underweight people need to gain more, overweight need to gain less, and everyone else some where in between. mostly i would go by how you feel- hungry or satisfied? enough energy?

i think you are fine and should not stress but didn't want to read without replying. congratulations on your pregnancy.
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This is no help, but you're welcome to have some of my fat.
I'm only 6 weeks, and look more like 3 months.
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With my first I ate like a pig (or maybe a goat? seriously--if there was food, I ate it) and still didn't look pregnant until just about 36/38 weeks. I was in regular clothes and everything up until then.
I did gain weight--but it was all over, not just bellygain.

With my second, I was *much* heavier when I got pregnant, and even with that extra 'padding' I looked pregnant around 3 months, but I only gained about 20 pounds through the whole pregnancy. I ate better that time around, but was still doing dairy and meat.

This time, we're all vegetarian, and I'm dairy-free. I do eat eggs though. I started showing early (I thought) but I'm not nearly as big as I was with ds2. I've gained about 30 lbs I think (I'm a bit over 34 weeks now), but it sounds like I eat about as much as you do. I just try to make sure that everything that goes in my mouth is nutritious (and high protein..ugh...I will be SO glad to not have to think about protein again!!!)
In the last 7 weeks I've gained something like 3 lbs....although I feel like I gained at least 30! This kiddo is getting heavy!

I did notice that I had to start taking CalMag supplements though--my legs get really irritated/crampy by nighttime if I don't.

So...I guess...I wouldn't worry. If you were hungry and didn't have time to eat, I would say make sure you take care of yourself first. But if you have food and munchies around (granola maybe?) and find yourself still not eating much..then just go with what your body is telling you
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My midwife says that as long as you eat when you're hungry and try to eat well, that's all we need.

Last time I didn't gain until the end of the third trimester. And then it was only 6 pounds that were gone within a week after DD arrived. This time I've lost 8 pounds so far (but I'm pretty fluffy!) and I think I will likely not gain much, if any, weight.

Also, I had a wonderful nurse during one of my visits to my midwife last time (my midwife seemed worried that I still hadn't gained) who told me that when she was preggie the first time she started out at a size 6 and after the baby was born (TOTALLY healthy) she was a size 4. So, I think it just has a LOT to do with how each individual body deals with growing a baby! I don't think that thin people always have to gain a lot of weight, but they probably DO need to eat more, in general. And I do think some fluffy people should eat a lot, but it's super individuated! If your midwife isn't worried, I wouldn't worry!

Have fun!
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I wouldn't worry about it if your MW isn't. There are so many variables and you said you lost a lot in the beginning. It can also be how you are carrying. I have a friend who is a month ahead and carrying the babe inside and high and barely looks pg. People say from the back I look like I've lost weight and I've gained 56 pounds as of 2 weeks ago.

I don't know what you are adding to your shake for protein, but I would cut that back a bit and maybe spread the protein out through the day to help with the naseau. Good luck!

Originally Posted by Unreal
I did notice that I had to start taking CalMag supplements though--my legs get really irritated/crampy by nighttime if I don't.
OOO that sounds like a good idea, I didn't know that there was anything you could take to help with restless crampy legs. How much do you take and how often?
Listen, every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. I have 4 kids, I gained 30 lbs, then 40, then 30, then barely 20. They weighed 8 11, 8.5, 8.5, and 8 lbs respectively. I really worried about not gaining too much in my fourth pregnancy, but my dd was perfect and as you can see, not small. Eat what you crave and think happy pink and blue thoughts.
I had horrendous m/s with my first pregnancy. I lost over 20 lbs. during the first half of the pregnancy. The day before DS was born, I was still 1 lb. under my prepregnancy weight. For reference, I was about 30 lbs. overweight when I conceived.

I ate what appealed to me (and what I could keep down), and drank to thirst. DS was born at 39 weeks, weighing 6lbs. 15oz. and was fabulously healthy.

If your midwife isn't worried and you are following your body's hunger cues, I think you and the babe will be okay
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