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I'm now officially a SAHM!!!

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Yipee!!! I just had to share since I'm so excited. It is really odd how things work out. I was layed off a week before ds was due in March which freaked me out since I was 1/2 the income and I carried all of our insurance. Then, just this past month, dh got a new job that offered good affordable insurance (which was the problem in the first place, his old job was reallly really expensive) and a bit more money, not much at all but some. Insurance was our big problem and now that is taken care of we have some options. Dh agreed that we could try it out and see what happens financially. He starts his job next week so we'll see. I think we'll find that we can make ends meet. I hope so.

Anyway, just soooo happy! Had to spread the news.
I just wish I could find a way to generate money from home but I'm no entrepenuer (sp). I do crochet very well but I can hardly imagine having my hands free for enough time to make enough things to sell! Any tips are appreciated in matters of working from home!

Have an awesome day!
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Good for you, mama! One of the happiest days of my life was my last day of working out of the home, leaving the office one final time, knowing I'd be staying home with my babies full time! I haven't regretted leaving once nor have I missed work and that was over two years ago and I was the breadwinner/insurance carrier/yada'll work if you want to make it work. ENJOY!!
WOOOO HOOOOO! I became a SAHM when I had ds and I was SO happy too!

congrats and enjoy this new fulfilling life!
Congratulations! I think you should consider crocheting diaper soakers and selling them on ebay. There's quite a demand, especially if you can embellish cool designs on them. There's always naptimes and while babe sleeps in the evenings before you go to bed.

I love being a stay at home mom.
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thanks ladies! Your comments only make me feel happier about the move to SAHM!!

butterflymom, that's just what I was thinking. You think ebay? I was also thinking of doing tye died baby clothes and diapers and maybe some baby hats. I thought I'd just have my own website but ebay is a great idea!
I was just talking to dh about it. I'll tell him what you said!!
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