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I'm nursing a 2 year old!

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When my other kids were born, I was determined to nurse them for at least a year. Due to one reason or another, all of them weaned between one and two. (Mostly happily, with the exception of little ds who actually weaned via nursing strike at 16 mos.)
When little dd was born, I really wanted a more natural weaning with her, so I set my goal at breastfeeding for at least 2 years.
Tuesday, my baby turned 2, and is still happily nursing quite a bit. I'm so proud of us! I have no specific plans from here on out. We'll just play it by ear. Can't believe she's so big already!
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Good job mama!
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Hooray for you both ~ and Happy Birthday Caroline!
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Whoohoo! Congratulations!

I am about to join you. My nursling turns 2 in a couple weeks.
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