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I'm obsessed with other Due Date Clubs

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I just can't help myself. I'm drawn to the (mostly) third-trimester clubs. All I want to do is read about mamas who are nearly ready to birth, and then the birth stories that follow.

I think it's part of this ho-hum feeling about pregnancy this time. Babe isn't doing much interesting yet - I'd much rather either be outstandingly obviously pregnant, or have the baby here to meet. I want to be baby-obsessed!

Ah well, at least I haven't gotten kicked out of anyone else's DDC yet!
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I am the same way! I totally stalk the current months ddc looking for the birth stories! I can't wait to be big and feeling movement all the time etc.

Happy ddc stalking!
Oh, I am loving the DDC too! It's so fun watching for those threads about "I think I'm in labor", etc then seeing the following birth story. Somehow, reading them makes me feel like we are getting closer and very soon it will be us!
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I thought I was the only one!

I am also always watching Discovery Health channel and House of Babies, etc...or reading magazines, etc... It is insane!

DH says i am freaking myself out - I tell him i just want to be informed!
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I'm not watching any baby shows this time around, but I think that's because I just don't have the time or energy with 2 kids. But I keep watching for those other birth announcements too.
And what I'm just started getting preoccupied with is how many weeks left until viability--I always obsess about that, even though I've always gone full-term with no troubles at all. It's just somehow comforting to know that after all the morning sickness that in 3 weeks time there's a possibility the baby could survive outside of me.

- Krista
Me too!! I don't post but I lurk starting in July to see what's coming up to look forward to. Then I work my way up to the mommas in labor and birth stories. I'm not watching any of the baby shows this time. No time.
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