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But I couldn't wait, so I made one out of curtain material.:LOL It came out really well!

So that this post isn't moved to the sewing forum, I want to tell all of you that recomended this kind of carrier, that you were SO RIGHT! It's easy to use, totally compact when you fold it up, this is about 500 times more comfortable than a baby bjorn. And not having the babies' legs dangling in front om me is SO much better! The kids seem pretty secure too! I need to work on wrapping the straps and tying them. I am having a hard time getting the shoulder straps tight enough and this thing makes my boobs look enormous! Is there a way to put these on so that I don't look quite as busty?:LOL I'm not sure that I can wear this out of the house because of the pattern of the fabric (Ummm, UGLY! And pretty dang bright!) I can't wait until my number comes up for the Kozy!!!!!

I'm posting a link to pics so that you can all see how ugly the material is! (Please over look the packs of disposible dipes in the background! DD1 is refusing cloth in her terrible two-ness!)

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