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holy guacamole! we have been trying to get pg for a few months, but then the new season of teaching came up ( i teach and model pelvic exams for med students in the fall), which i cant be pg to do, so we decided last month to stop ttc. i have only recently started cycling again (ds is 21 m), and my cycles have been irregular and long, so i am not sure when i ovulate but we were avoiding sex during fertile fluid times, so i wasnt too worried. besides i didnt really think i was ovulating because i couldnt see a temp jump (but ds nurses so i never get good sleep), and i have multiple periods of fertile fluid.

anyway, last night i was teaching childbirth ed, and as i was leaving i decided to take a pg test because i am a peestickaholic and they cost like 5 cents a peice at the birth center, and it was negative after a few seconds so i threw it in the trash. this morning i went into clinic ( i am a student at the birth center), and first thing i went into the bathroom to pee, and my stick was sitting on top of the trash can, and it was +!

i couldnt believe it! i was sure it was an evap line, but sure enough, four pee sticks later, i am definetely pg!!!!!!

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