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I agree with allgirls, mine also came to me between 10 and 11 and asked to shave her legs. She claimed that everyone else in class was doing it. I 1) didn't think that shaving because eveyone else was doing it was a good enough reason. and 2) didn't think she was old enough. So I too sat down and talked to her but I also explained that once she started doing it she would always have to do it. She just said "oh" and never spoke to me about it again, so I thought it had passed. A few months later I discovered she had been using my razor, so I promptly walked her over to the store and down the razor isle and told her to choose which ever one she wanted. I also bought her a few extra boxes of blades and that was that
She was very happy, and seems to be keeping it up. She is 13.5 now.

The same went with her period. I knew last year the time was coming, so I stocked the bathroom with some different options for her, I told her they were there and that they were for her when she needed them. (I already knew she knew what they were and how they were used, as we had that talk years ago, when she asked about mine) The day it happened she marched out of the bathroom and announced "I got it" and went back to her I had to call her back and ask what!! But she was very open about it!! The only thing she made me swear was that I wouldn't tell shhhhhhhhh
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