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Hi! I agree with a lot that has been said but mostly what Ruthla said, the bottom line is to respect her. My daughter is 10 and has wanted to shave for a couple of years (she also has an extremely hairy back). I was like, but you're still a little girl. Her brother was giving her so much flack. Then this year she asked if she could have menstrual supplies to keep in her locker "just in case". She has asked a ton of questions and we try to help her. *sigh* yes it's hard watching them grow up. My son is 11.5 and he's growing WAY too fast. He swears he'll never be rude to me as some kids can be at the early teen years. I said, you can't help it, you need to forge your own way, seek your independance...just be nice to mom hahaha Kitty
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