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Laura (Openskyheart) ... i love your attitude. If only my mother would have had the same! I think things now would be different ... that we would have a much better, closer relationship. (i'm an adult now) I'm one of those who needed privacy around these issues and was not allowed to have it. And I resented that. I definitely will give my daughter all the space she needs to make her decisions on these issues, but to let her know she can ask me questions about whatever, too. And, if she asks me to keep her stuff private, I will. Poppy, your idea is fabulous, and Mamajamz, your input is valuable and wise too. Your daughters are all lucky to have you.
And shaving, to me, is definitely a personal choice. I don't think its a big deal ... i've gone through shaving and non shaving times and I expect my daughter will too.
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