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Ok it's kind of a long story. A year ago (my dd was 10) we were at a home-school camp and a very insensitive (fostered and not home-schooled) boy said to her "why don't you shave your legs". She was very upset and since then always wore trousers or long skirts whereas before she would wear short skirts/shorts. I had since talked to her about hair on her legs being natural and she has real blonde not thick hair. It is hardly noticeable.
Anyway, 2 days ago I was cleaning the bathroom cupboard (which I have not done for ages) and found a woman's razor. I called my sis to see if her daughter had left it but no. I was told dd bought it when we were camping a month ago. What upsets me the most is she didn't talk to me bout it. Even her 6 year old sister knew she had it. I worry she feels with me like I did with my Mum. I NEVER told her anything personal. It broke me to tell her I got my period 12 months after I had!
I do find it hard to be open about personal stuff but honestly I try and talk about it even though it's really uncomfortable for me because of how I grew up. I bought some cool books on developing that she read and loved. They know about my mooncup and I don't shave etc. so I do try.
I talked to dd about the razor and she told me she'd used it twice (she is now 11 1/2). I aksed why she didn't talk to me and she said she didn't want to. I then asked if she'd tell me when her peiods start but she said maybe, maybe not. GREAT, I thought she is closed like I was, I have f****d up big time. She is my eldest girl and somehow I have let her down and ruined our relationship. I can't change what has happened and to be honest I don't know what I could have done different.
I am sad she also is shaving. She seems so young and I find her changing from girl to teen sad and so hard as though I'm having to let go. I don't think I'll ever feel ready for this
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