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I'm scared of breastfeeding again

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DH and I are TTC #7. So it's not like I've never BF before. I had 2 children that weaned themselves by 14 months, and the others weaned at 18+ months. My 1st 4 children were awesome nursers. Never had a problem except an occasional infection with the 1st 2. But with my last 2...pure hell!! I mean BAD!!!! When #5 was 4 weeks old, I got the dreaded red spot, and I did everything I could to get it better. But it just got worse. I took 2 doses of Diflucan as well. It was my left side, and it was horrible. My nipple was so horrible looking. So painful to nurse her on. I pumped that side and gave it to her in the bottle. She nursed the other. After 3 months, it was well enough to nurse her again on that side. With #6, by 4 weeks, it was both sides, and I was in horrible pain. I came on here begging for help. I tried everything. I quit nursing her, and pumped, and then quit doing that because it hurt so bad, and it was just horrible. Then when she was about 4 months old, she refused the bottle (of formula that I was giving here...I'm so ashamed!), so I tried nursing her again, and she latched right on, and didn't stop until she weaned herself at 14 months.

These 2 problems didn't start until after I started taking Synthroid and Zoloft. I wonder if they had anything to do with it? I'm on Synthroid still, but now taking Lexapro. Maybe it has nothing to do with it.

I am so scared, that I told DH that if I do get preggo, I'm not nursing. He didn't like that idea (even though at the beginning of our marriage 17 yrs ago, he was against BF...I changed him! LOL!). But I am so nervous that I will get infections again. I have my pump and bottles still, but I sure hate to use them!
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No real advice, but i didn't want to read and not post.

i found that the eight years between my kids really helped me forget all the bad stuff about having a baby!
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Do what you can to prevent infections. Are you talking about mastitis or thrush? Either way probiotics can help.

read up on about prevention
I'm confused, was this thrush or mastitis you were having?

Lecithin can help prevent plugged ducts & mastitis:
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