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I'm scared to have a girl!

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: So the question about do we think we know the sex of our baby is really bringing up a lot of strange feelings. Mostly guilt. I don't want to have a girl. I'm not really sure why, but I'm scared. I've only imagined/dreamed of boys. I totally pictured myself as Jill Taylor (Home Improvement) with this house full of testosterone.
: I am actually looking forward to it!

We had an u/s w/DS to find out the sex, & I was SO RELIEVED when it was a boy.
It's not that I hate girls or anything. I have 2 young nieces & love them dearly, I have 3 girl cousins that are in their teens & really enjoy doing "girl stuff" with them. Somehow ~ I just can't see myself mothering a girl...

Now, I'm having totally different food cravings & this pregnancy is just different from w/DS ~ so I'm thinking that it's a girl. I told DH that I REALLY want to find out the sex, b/c if it is a girl, I'm going to need time to get used to and excited about the idea.
What kind of horrible mother am I going to be if this baby is a girl???

Does anyone else feel like this????
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Yes, me. Those feeling exactly - but in reverse. (I'm butting in here cause I'm due in Sept.) Just wanted to let you know "I'm scared to have a boy." The only thing is I've had an u/s and now we know its a BOY! I'm still trying to get used to the idea. Sooooooooooo. . wanna swap???(if you're having a girl) lol
I'm with Kabes on this one - I'm really worried about having a boy. I always wanted to have 3 girls and I'm sure this one will be a boy. I just don't know if I can raise a boy; strong girls, sure!
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(((Miss M))) You will do a great job, whether it's a girl or a boy! These things have a way of working out. My mom told me that she was worried about having a girl because she'd spent so much time caring for her 2 youngest siblings, both boys, that she felt she didn't "know how" to take care of a girl...but when I was born she found that it really didn't make a difference, and within a few months she was totally psyched about having a girl!

I'm not SCARED to have a boy, but both MrBecca and I would prefer a girl. We like little girls....I am a Girl Scout leader and would love to lead my own daughter's troop, whereas we are none too keen on Boy Scouting....Girls get a much wider range of choices in everything from careers to clothing....The attitudes of Western society seem to be shifting to favor females over males in many ways....Boys have a harder time finding peers who aren't into violent hobbies....We haven't come up with any boys' names that we really like.... But if we have a boy, he'll be a NICE boy like his father
and he won't HAVE to wear army-green clothes w/trucks all over them. It will work out.
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: me

I want a house full of testostrone...

I want to be the Queen!

But because of a dream I had a long time ago, I am pretty sure this one is a girl

I am trying to get used to the idea, and praying for a tomboy
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Mamas who are pregnant with boys........

You are in for the best! There is NOTHING (and I mean NOTHING) like your baby boy snuggling up in mamas lap and giving those sweet little boy kisses.

OH MAN! God give me a boy! (and I've got both!)

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Can I

I have both...and they are different. But, I wouldn't trade EITHER one. I love playing dolls, dress up, ponies and looking at clothes with dd. She also loves to run and play, laugh and read. She is her own person. At times I feel more "projection" going on with her, you know? I remember more of my childhood with her and I expect more from both of us. I am not saying I like this, just that it is. With ds, I feel a little freer and less hard on myself.

I had a complicated relationship with my mom, and I have to be really honest with myself about it. I wish you luck and know you will do a good job!

I am so happy to have both
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Me too! I wouldn't trade the world for either one.

I truly consider myself lucky to have at least one of each.......

BUT - God love those third babies! Everybody should have one!
Oh lab
I want one of those too!
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I was scared to have a boy with #1 b/c I had no idea what to do with them. In my birth family, even the pets were female. My poor dad.

But boys rock! They are energetic and sensitive and sweet and loud. As I'm sure girls are, too!

I told DH I wanted a girl so I could pass on all my life experience to her, and he said, well you know she wouldn't listen anyway.
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I SO know what you mean!
I am so afraid of having a is so silly I suppose, but I know how to "do girl".
I'm sure Mike could fill me in on whatever I need to know, but still just the though of having a boy seems soo....well unfamiliar.
I am afraid to have a girl
: With both previous pregnancies, we hoped for a girl (well, dh did :LOL ), but came up boys. I feel like I KNOW boys now and it is comfortable (even though the two of them are completely different). And I have all these boy's clothes. I feel like I am being terrible...
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I have just talked about this with a few different people, and then I got on here and it's being discussed! So obviously it's normal. I think for me the anxiety about having a girl stems from 1) not having a close relationship with my mom, and 2) I've already got a boy and our relationship is so perfect, I'm afraid I just won't feel the same about a girl.
I have a son and if I have ten more babies...and they were all boys I would be thrilled!! Having said that I will be thrilled to have a daughter as well. There is a little something scary about the unknown...but I know that I will be so happy with either.
i'd be very happy with 7 girls
i've always really wanted a little girl. i think some of it comes from always having wanted a sister (i have 2 brothers). and now i want dd to have a sister she can be close with. i'd also like to have a boy, just to see what it's like, but it wouldn't be a big deal to me if i don't ever have one. same with dh, he'd always wanted a little girl. i'm glad it's not up to me though :LOL
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My first was a girl, which is what DH and I wanted. We both felt like we would be more comfortable parenting a girl - myself especially, since as a tomboy I felt like my mom had really mis-parented me in some ways, trying to make me more girly, and I was determined not to do so with my daughter (haha, she turned out to be pure girly-girl, go figure).

Our second was a boy - the guy who did our ultrasound told us like it was the most wonderful thing in the world but DH and I were both bummed. Neither of us knew what to 'do' with a boy, we couldn't even picture ourselves parenting one. We struggled with it on and off all the way through the pregnancy. You know what? When he was born, he was the most "right" thing in the world. It dissappeared in an instant.

Now having one of each, I am so happy about both of them that I really can't decide which I'd rather have next! I'm sure whatever this baby is, it will be the perfect baby for us.
I always wanted to have a daughter. In my first pregnancy, we found out because I would have had to prepare myself for a boy. Great luck--the ultrasound technician said "GIRL!" We were thrilled.

My second pregnancy I still preferred a girl, although I was a little more open to a boy since I did at least have my daughter. But I grew up with a wild and violent brother, and for whatever reason, was scared of having a boy.

We decided to go low tech, and we didn't check until after the baby emerged. I will never forget tipping up that little bottom to check, and lordy I saw boy parts! And my first thought was "Oh so I'm SUPPOSED to have this adventure. WOW!" Suddenly all of the scary and unknown aspects of having a boy seemed like a precious adventure he and I were going to take together, and I felt so lucky to have him in my arms, trusting me to care for him and love him to pieces.

Now pregnant with #3, I still prefer a girl. I have no idea what that's about.

Anyway we're going to wait to find out again. I wish I could take a peek, but I will never forget the magic of holding my new baby and finding out right then. So I guess I'll just "let the mystery be."
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I have 2 girls already. I would LOVE a boy!!! BUT, I like girls, they're fun and I'm used to girls. I wouldn't say I'm scared of having either, I would just love to know how it feels to have a son. Also, DH is the only boy so it's up to us to continue his family name. Not important to me, but understandably to him. Chin up! A blessing is just that no matter it's sex!
I'm thrilled to be have a baby at all, but I am so scared of having a boy. (it looks like our little one just might be a boy) I just feel ill-prepared.

I never had a real father figure in my life and I guess I just don't know what to do with him. My hubby is a wonderful man, but there are alot of things that his father never had a chance to teach him. (He died just after he was born)

I guess I just wanted to show solidarity... I don't have any words of comfort, just sharing in your concerns. Best of luck!
I was scared to death to have a girl. I KNEW dd was a girl long before the u/s confirmed it and even after she was born, I was completely petrified. My wonderful, gorgeous, awesome son
is 6 years older and I had just loved being mom to a ball playing, sword fighting, mama lovin boy! I couldn't imagine being mommy to a little girl.. I am such a tomboy that I knew I would have no way to communicate with a girl...

Well, my wonderful, beautiful 13 month old daughter has a temper like the lil Irish thing that she is, loves rough play and spends all day saying "vvvrrroooooom, vvvrrroooooom". I wouldn't trade her for the WORLD!

I am still hoping for a boy, but not because I prefer boys now... but because ds is from my first marriage and even though my dh considers him just as much his child as our dd, I think I would like for him to have a boy to carry on the bloodline ( my SIL will never have kids...) and I think that Ella will be oh so Daddy's girl anyway, that competition for her would be devestating
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