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I'm sdd biggest influence!

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My stepdd (11) has a "all about me" project to do at school. One of the chapters is about who is your biggest influence and taught you the most. And she picked me! Ahh....I'm just beaming! She wrote the chapter last nite and showed dh and I this morning. It was beautiful! Here is some of it (with her permission of course..."technically she is my step-mom, but she is more like a real mom. My mom has taught me many things, like.."
You know, just watching her grow and blossom is such a reward in itself, but it is nice to have a little validation once in a while ya know?!
Thanks for letting me share! (wow, I just realized I sound like a vally girl in the above sentence..."like, ya know..Oh my gawd"
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Thats so lovely! She is very lucky to have such a great step-mom. You should be very proud of her and of yourself too.
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