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Im Shaking and dont know why.

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I have been feeling really good during this 2nd tri. I am 23 weeks and they last few weeks I just start shaking and dont know why. I am not cold. I feel fine. It just starts. It continues for like 5-10 min then goes away. It doesnt happen every day, about 2-3x a week. Most of the time I have to go lay down when it happens. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know what this could be?
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No direct experience, but it could be blood sugar related. Do you notice it more when you're hungry or haven't had a solid protein meal in a while? Protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Or conversely do you notice it after you've eaten and perhaps especially after a meal that might be higher in sugar than usual? What about hydration? How much water are you drinking per day? I aim for 3-4 L of water, especially in this heat! Speaking of heat... do you notice it when you're more active outside or the opposite, haven't gotten outside for a bit of exercise?

I would start by experimenting with your diet and if it doesn't go away soon, definitely talk with your care provider.
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