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We have a bad cold here. My 17 mo dd seems to already be getting better but now I've been hit w/ it. No big whoop, except that my good friend told me she was sent to the doctor w/ swollen glands and needed antibiotics. Now I'm a little scared b/c we don't have insurance right now (I sent in Margie's application to the low-cost gov't but it won't be processed for about 2 or 3 more weeks and I just don't have insurance). I know it's unlikely that we will truly need antibiotics, but I am afraid anyway.

Right now I am taking prenatal vitamins, garlic, echinecea and orange juice and giving her children's echinecea, Is there anything else we can do to boost our systems? I felt one of my glands was swollen this morning and that's very rare for me so I got scared...


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