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I'm sick :(

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For 8 months I've been bug three, just coping with pregnancy related aches and pains... now i'm SICK! I feel horrid. Stuffed up, sore throat, feverish, coughing, ribs are sore, exhausted but can't sleep!

What can I do to get more comfortable? I'm drinking tea to help the throat issues, but it's only temp relief....

I feel so whiny as my time approaches...
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My biggest fear with my second was that I would get sick with a miserable cold, then go into labor. Not my ideal labor.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I'm sick too--poor us! My midwife suggested Nature's Sunshine Breathe EZ and Kali-Bichromium (a homeopathic) for conjestion. I haven't tried either because I seem to be getting better on my own, but they may help you.

Taking a warm bath with a couple drops (not more than 3! you'll itch like crazy if you overdo it!) of peppermint essential oil will lower your fever and unstuff your nose.

If you have a lot of sticky phlegm, try drinking club soda mixed with citrus juice. I've been drinking soda and grapefruit juice and it really helps me feel better.

Hope you get better soon!

peace, Beth
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