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I'm so confused!!!

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This whole allergy thing has my head spinning. DD is 6 months old, exclusively BF. By the time she was about 2 weeks old I decided to go dairy free because she was having reflux symptoms, and it helped tremendously. The constant spitting up, constant gas and screaming all night long stopped. Her poo became yellow and seedy most of the time instead of brown - she became an "every other day" pooper instead of constant little squirts. Then, mid Feb she got rotavirus. Ok... ten days to run its course.. it took 14 days for her. But her poops did not recover. She was still going constantly and they were still green with occasionally bloody streaks. Something wasn't right, so I decided to start eliminating and see what happened.

I realized that when I cut dairy I increased my soy intake, so I started cutting soy, and I wasn't noticing much difference until I realized my coffee creamer had soy in it - once I cut that, even though she was still pooping frequently, they were becoming brown instead of green, and much less mucousy. Then I had eggs a couple days in a row and she had green, mucousy poop again, so I cut out the eggs - it's been about a week, and her poops are looking brown again for the most part.

I know she *can* have normal bf poo, should I eliminate more foods until I get there? Or get really serious about hidden ingredients? I guess I'm just dense about this stuff, because I didn't even realize until yesterday that pasta noodles have egg, or that my bread had soy in it.

Why would she be having reactions to other stuff now when she was fine with just dairy eliminated before she had rotavirus? She is teething as well, while she had rotavirus her first tooth popped out, and the second came along two weeks later. So I've never been able to figure out what part the extra saliva might be playing in her poo issues.

She always has a small pink spotty rash on her bum, and I've had to resort to using disposables instead of the drawer full of cloth dipes, because I have to keep her creamed up all the time - if I try going without, the rash gets ugly.

The ped was of no help, saying it was just lingering effects of the virus and to get her back in for a meningitis vaccine when the diarhhea stopped.

And on top of all this I'm trying to delay solids but she's starting to really freak at mealtimes no matter what I do. She wants what we have and it's becoming quite a battle even if I give her a sippy with some water in it (which used to make her happy...)

Sorry so long, I'm just at a loss about it all!
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All I can tell you is that my DS supposedly outgrew his dairy/soy intolerances at 13 months old. He had a horrible stomach bug when he was 18months old and got them both back (with different symptoms so it too me a month or so to figure it out). Something about the virus hurts their immune system. Not sure what. Personally, I'd say get to baseline (and YES, make sure to look for hidden ingredients -- read the labels on EVERYTHING) to give her system the best chance at healing.
I'm going to second the suggestion to look for hidden ingredients. I might suggest going back to just dairy-free, but making sure you're TOTALLY clean. Then, if you're still having problems, go TOTALLY clean on soy, then egg, etc.

I just stumbled across an old blog entry of mine where my daughter had finally started sleeping 6-8 hours at a stretch after I totally got rid of dairy (at 9 months), but then went back to her screaming, waking self after I had a potato roll with milk in the ingredients. So you have to be really, really careful if your kid is particularly sensitive.
I took a trip to the health food store today and bought bread, pasta, and cereal that are all free of dairy, soy, and egg. Oh, and I bought an egg replacement for baking, so we'll see how that goes. I loaded up on fruits and veggies around the house and bought some frozen fruits to get back into smoothies as a supplement. I should now be able to eat all day with no hidden ingredients!

Lactose, soy, and egg happen to be sensitivities different members of DH's immediate family have, so I think I'll just keep them all out of my diet for a bit to try and get her to baseline. Soy will most likely be the first thing I'll try again, because I don't know what else the reaction last week could have been other than eating eggs two days in a row after not eating them for awhile.

Thanks for the replies, and KJ, at least now I know I'm not crazy and that the stomach bug could have made her more reactive!!
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Rotavirus can be a pretty intense gastro illness, and I'm guessing part of this (and I agree with removing these foods and being really vigilant about the hidden ingredients) is that your LO's gut flora is off. I'd find myself a dairy/soy free infant probiotic and start on that, at least at the recommended dosage, and plan to do that until your LO is old enough to eat probiotic food sources (we make kimchee, way yummy and easy too). And I'd either start making probiotic foods for you (or buy them) or at least get a probiotic supp for you as well (obviously dairy and soy free, I don't think any have eggs). If you start experimenting with fermented veggies, by the time your LO is old enough to chew on them a bit, you'll be great at it!

Here's a thread I love talking about how to ferment vegetables (kimchee, sour pickles, sauerkraut, like that, in case you don't eat that stuff already).
Thanks so much! I don't know why I didn't think of probiotics.

I've been trying to figure out a soy free dairy free infant probiotic and have been overwhelmed by the different types of probiotics and what kind I should get her.

I've read that Kirkland's bifido complex is a good one for babies and is dairy/soy free so I think I'm goign to end up with that one...

And I'm bookmarking the fermented veggies thread, gotta love kimchee although I've never made it myself before!
I just wanted to update this to say thank you again TanyaLopez for mentioning probiotics. We've been using it for four days now and talk about results!!!! Today there has not been one poopy diaper, Not one... when normally there would have been at least four by now. Her bum is completely rash free for the first time in 2 months. I KNOW she has to feel better!
What infant probiotic did you use? I've been thinking finding one for DD to use that is dairy/soy free.
Bluebonnet Acidophilus plus FOS powder... it has the bifidus strains in it. Says it is free of milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. I just mix the powder in with some breastmilk and give it to her with a dropper or spoon.


Which, btw, shows me she's not ready for solids - tongue thrust is very evident, so the dropper is proving easier than the spoon. :p
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