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I'm so happy!!!

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I went to sign my little Jacob up for daycare..I'll be returning to work in 3 weeks. I have been really stressing about sending him there and if they would do the cloth diapers thing. I had a backup plan if they didnt. My mid- wife was going to write me a note saying he was allergic to sposies..BUT when I filled out my paperwork today, there was a spot to check off: cloth diapers or disposable!!! I'm so freaking happy.
PLUS..they told me that other moms from my work have plenty of time to come and breastfeed at lunch. they have a little breastfeeding room set up just for that purpose.
I love toyota..they are the best company to work for.
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That is great news! I am sure it will make returning to work a little easier.
That is so great! My daycare said I could come feed Ally too and I was seriously considering it but its a 15 minute drive both ways and eats around 10:00 and 1:30 not during my lunch : (
That is great! Is it an Easter Seals daycare? When I was contemplating going back to work we checked out the one at my mom's work and it is run by Easter Seals and they also welcome cloth and breastfeeding.
That's GREAT!
I never understand why a day care would not allow a parent to use cloth.
That is awesome. I'm working on finding a job and my main concern is day care.
So cool for you!
The day care is called "bright horizons" they are all over the place. Toyota paid them to build one are their property, just for employees. It is not hooked to the plant but on the property about 2 minutes drive away.
i cant afford to change my


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maybe you should change your username to orangecorolla

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