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I'm so homesick for PDX!

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Well it's been over four months since we moved, and I'm getting more and more homesick down here in Silverton.
: Reading the PDX threads literally puts me in tears. What were we thinking?!?!

Last night I dreamt about Starbucks. Who dreams about Starbucks?!! I didn't even like it that much compared to all the great places serving Stumptown. But that's how bad it is.
: I miss Cha Cha Cha. I miss Trader Joes. I miss taking the bus with Henry to the Kennedy School for movies. They're about to build a new Whole Foods just a few blocks from our old house.

Talk me down ladies. Tell me something bad about Portland before I have a breakdown!
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Sorry hon, Portland just keeps getting better and better. I miss you (and your lovely sarcastic irony too!). So many cool mamas & their families are moving here, I feel lucky to live here myself. And the MDC tribe is so great with all the events and IRL stuff. Can't you come back?
: I know I know, gotta make a living, right?

One bad thing is that housing just keeps getting more expensive. Hmmm...that's about the only negative I can think of...I'll keep trying!
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One bad thing is that housing just keeps getting more expensive.
I know! I feel like even if we did move back we couldn't afford a house anymore. Our old house was perfect; location, everything.

Moving back would be unlikely because of DH's
job being in Salem.
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you need day trips! (do you drive?) a little mdc playdate a little trip to TJs and then head on back home. you'll feel like you live close enough for some of the perks
I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but I just wanted to say that I feel your pain.

I really miss living in Portland as well. Every time I go back for a visit, it makes me miss it more.

Hey... but at least you're close enough for day trips, right?
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I'm right there with you all!!! We moved to rural Missouri 2 years ago - right before the Arbor Lodge New Seasons opened (which was 1 block from our house and the Max). Now that I'm typing this I'm sure we must have been temporarily out of our minds.
DH applied for a job back in Portland - we decided we really want to try to go back for all the opportunities our ds would have available to him. Ironically we get to accompany him on a work trip to PDX TOMORROW. It's our first flight and all but I dont' care - it will be so cool to be back again!!
Well,gottaknit, I really just wanted to say I'm right there with you!
No car, so no day trips right now. It makes me too sad to think of going back, anyway. We're getting a 2nd car soon, though, so maybe then...
you know, i'm always around, if you wanna hook up. we can take a drive to trader joes anytime!
i miss you, too! i need me a gottaknit and her toddler fix...

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Aw, I'm sorry you're so homesick. I met you a few times, right before you moved, and I was sorry to see you go.

Is there a chance you could live in Salem itself? I don't know that much about it but at least it's a teeny more urban than Silverton.
well, I guess we need to hang out! I'm in Salem so not too far. We are moving up to Keizer during the next few weeks but I'll still have some free time. Let me know.
And the traffic is terrible! You can hardly use I-5 after noon because it is so jammed up North and South. It took me an hour to go from Laurelhurst/39th to St. Johns last week. And that was with skipping the freeway altogether. So only people who have lived here before can move here, so traffic won't get any worse!
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