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I'm so lame...

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I'm so hyped to get this package from my mom... she went garage sale'ing and picked up 6 cuddlers? anyone ever heard of that name of diaper? and she also got 3 kushies covers... ALL for $11!!!! Canadian

PLUS she bought me an Avent Pump that should be here on Monday... and I can't wait!!! that sucker set her back $400 CDN including double taxes... I am paying her back for half

woohooooo!!!!!!!!!! my FIRST fluffy mail!!!!!!!!!
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Woohoo! Fluffy mail is so great! And what great deals.
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Cuddlers are the Canuck version of Kooshies Basics. They go for around $45CDN/6 pack here new, so that is a good price. They're a cotton flannel diaper. Cute prints, usually!
congrats on the fluff!! She paid $400.00 CDN for an Avent pump? Hmmm...Is that a typo mama? lol:LOL
Ooohh! I LOVE garage sales! I've only found very few cloth diapers around here though

That really sounds like you got a great score!
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