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I'm so relieved!!!

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A friend of mine was talking about TTC. We got to talking about baby decisions, and circ came up. She asked me if she could take the baby to the doctor to get circ'd if she had a homebirth. I asked her why she would do that and she said "I believe in it." She couldn't really tell me why she believed in it, and said she'd like more info. I gave her a bunch of websites to look at (which she did) and she also saw an anti-circ friend on my MySpace, which she looked at. She told me last night that she could never allow a child of hers to be strapped down and cut like that! She admitted that she'd never thought about it before - she just thought everybody was circ'd and it was no big deal.

I have a CD of info that I'm going to give her to help convince her DF that it's not a good idea. He's pro-circ for the pure fact that "I'm circ'd and I'm FINE." He's an intelligent guy, though, and I'm sure he'll come around. She's not even pregnant, so we've got time. Anybody have that link on how circ'd guys think about getting their son's circ'd to match them?

Just wanted to share a success.
I told her last night how relieved I was that she changed her mind and she said she was so glad I brought it up because she had no idea.
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YAY!! That's great!
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