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I'm so sad!

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Maggie has regressed
She is wetting often and asking for diapers. She was fine the first week we were in the house, now shes only peeing on the potty once or twice a day.

Not only that- I've sold off all the good stuff that worked for us. DOn't get me wrong I have prefolds and a few fitteds, but I sold the SOS, the FCB and RB size 2s

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Definitely don't spend money on diapers! Maybe it will be another week or so in PF's and she will be back to using the potty!
I'm sorry you are sad! I would be too!!
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HUGS!! I'm sure it's just a phase. She is probably scared of her independence. Just be very reassuring and comforting (believe me I know its hard when there is pee all over the place).

This too shall pass...
Definitely don't go buy more dipes (although it's fun to have an excuse to buy more fluff!). She is adjusting to increased independence and also getting used to a new house (you just moved, yea?). I too think that just a few days or so and she'll be back to the potty. Ds potty learned in Nov. just before ds#2 was born. Since we've had a couple of times where he regressed - usually for a few days, the longest for a week - and then went right back to underwear. Give her extra Mommy time and cuddles for reassurance ... she'll get right back on that potty. Here's some more
's for you.
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did you just move? I am guessing so by the wording in your post. That can really throw kids for a loop. William did great at being potty trained for a month, then we went on vacation and he kept having accidents when he was playing with his cousins. It can be hard to train them and it sounds like she is still pretty young...

Don't buy anything new but maybe go to some ugly or uncomfortable dipes and tell her she has to wear them since she is wetting again... Sometimes that helps. I know William hated the ugly training pants we had and that really pushed him to train... Of course sometiems they just aren't ready and that could be the case also...
Maybe with just using the prefolds she'll just uncomfortable enough to go on the potty again? My friend's son went through the same thing when they had some changes going on in their lives. I hope it passes quickly
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It is so perfectly fine to go back and forth on learning, and that goes for all learning, not just potty learning.
I say don't worry about it and don't make it a big deal. She will learn in her own time. If it makes her happy to have a few nice diapers then pick up just a couple that she can pick out. That should make you both happy, and there is nothing better than an excuse to buy diapers!
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The same thing just happened to me! My 26 month old went a week in panties and is now asking for diapers again. Oh well...she'll do it when she's ready. I'm sorry you sold all your good stuff, though!
Oh no Chris - I'm sorry Mama
I agree that it is probably the stress of the move just now hitting her. I'm sure that once she gets settled into the new house she'll go back to using the potty. Thank goodness you had some prefolds still!
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FWIW, my sister's son has gone through several week or so stages where he totally regresses. I think it is TOTALLY normal (but still frustrating!!)
do some trades. Trades are the best way to get things you would never be able to pay for otherwise. Barter system is awesome!
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She'll be back to the potty in no time, don't you worry. My daughter regressed as well, shortly after she was out of diapers my husband went to Afghanistan for a short bit and I got Mono. I think the whole situation was too much for her and she had to go back in diapers for about a week. She even peed right on my bed TWICE! But soon things straightened out and she was back on the potty and I'm sure your dd will be too.
s Chris, that is rough! Kids sometimes regress when something changes, the move might have thrown her off a bit.

Daria was trained great and then my mom came to visit and now she is sorta off. Grandma went home on Sunday and she is getting back into the swing of potty training. She hasn't wanted her diapers back but she was having an occasional accident.
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i agree, give her a couple of days, put her in dipes when she wants one. she'll be back to pottying full time soon. we're going to 2 mo of being diaper free and xandra will occassionally ask for a dipe and then say NO, when i go to put it on her. one thing that i found both she and i love is having the baby bjorn little white potty. she can take it into her room or the living room and use that instead of having to try and make it to the big potty, pull over the stool, climb up, get her panties down, climb onto the toilet, all before the pee starts running down her leg. :LOL the little potty is there when she wakes up in the am, and it's there when she goes down for a nap. i have found it to be quite convienent

just remember, this too shall pass. hope you move went well
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Thanks ladies.
I think I'll try to get a couple gently used ones, MAYBE, maybe not....
She is asking for diapers and letting me put them on her. I"m not upset with her, I was just loving the dry days and my "big girl". I'm sure you're all right that she will get back into the swing of things...

I'm PM'd ya! I'll loan you back some of the dipees I bought from you if you'd like
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I wouldn't buy any dipes- the first rule of potty training/learning, as we learned it, was that there is no going back to diapers.....

we cleaned a lot of messes, but it was well worth it (although we still diaper at night)

still, potty learning is a veeery frustrating time

As frustrating as it can be, regression is normal in potty learning. Hang in there, I'm sure she'll be back to 'big girl' status soon!
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