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I'm SO scared!!

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Well, it's here. The day I have been dreading. Tonight is my first night back at work since I had my daughter.
I haven't been apart from her since she was born, and I carry her in her sling constantly--she feels like a part of me. She still does not take a bottle well either, and I am not the queen of pumping--but I am able to leave 4oz for tonight. Dh has to try to feed her while I am gone.

It is NOT that bad becuase I will only be gone for 5 hours and it's graveyard, so she should only wake up once. But we sleep cuddled up together, and now I wont be there.
The only people that she will have for company is her snoring daddy and her snoring brothers
Well, for the first month I will only be working 3-4 nights a week. BUT IT IS STILL TORTURE!!!

Any other Moms cry their eyes out on the way to work? Because I will be!!
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Aw, Tamera,
to you.

It's so hard, I know. It is going to be all right.

I work third shift too, and surprisingly enough, it's been harder on me than it has on my kids. They are 4 and almost 3, but they just sleep right through, and don't even care that I'm gone. Well, they care, but dh is just as good at taking care of them, you know?

I hope everything goes well. Don't feel bad if you feel sad. Usually around 2 a.m. I start to lose it a little and really miss them. And I've been working for a while.

I love to go home.
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Hugs to you, mama! I used to work nights, too. I actually liked it because I was able to be there all think of it that way

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My ds is 21 months. I have been back to work since he was 7 months and still miss him every moment! I do still go to have lunch with him every day so he gets to nurse, almost every day at least since it is 10 min each worth it! Good luck, it does get easier, but be grateful you had those first few months home...and treasure the days together.
Thanks every one so much. You are all so wonderful. Last night/this morning went well. She slept the whole time I was gone and didn't even need the bottle of breastmilk I left for her. Even though I am sooo tired today--but it is worth it to see my beautiful kids all day long.
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Hey there, Tamara. I'm glad it went okay. You are lucky to have the schedule you do. I can't imagine how it must feel to be so attached to your little one and have to be separated. But that's so great that you get to see her all day, and that it's only five hours. You will be tired, but happy, I'm sure!
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I cried the entire way to work the first time I left DD. It was so hard and still is, but she loves her daycare worker and she seems to be doing okay so that gives me much peace of mind. It will be okay. Good luck!
Oh I feel for you. This is my third week back and it is tough to adjust. For me the hardest part is giving up control of DD to her Dcp. I lost it and almost quit my first wk back - but wa saved by being able to take her to my work dcp. even if I can't control her naps I can at least nurse her everytime.

Kudos to you for working 3rd shift to spend more time with the kids. That is great that you can do that!
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