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Could be some gut issues going on, which can manifest as multiple food sensitivities. And a child with gut problems can be incredibly picky as an eater. When we adopted GFCF and I was still at a point of trying to keep DD vegetarian before we figured out what was going on with her sensitivities, there was a point in time that she wasn't willing to eat anything but potato chips and french fries. Even now, eating a very healthy diet of organic meats, fruits, and veggies, she suffers from deficiences from malabsorption of amino acids and other nutrients because of her gut issues.

Many doctors are under the impression that it is impossible to be deficient in nutrients unless you're starving and this is not the case. So they don't even think of testing for nutrient deficiencies.

Anemia is probably responsible for the white gums, probably again because of malabsorption as much as because of dietary inadequacy (although that's likely an issue too...but if the girl is eating a limited diet because of picky eating, there's not always a lot the parents can do...some kids really WILL starve themselves rather than eat other foods, especially if there are sensory issues in play. We had to use modified ABA techniques to get DD out of her unhealthy eating patterns that had developed.). I'd definitely recommend looking into leaky gut issues, but the parents would probably have to find an alternative practitioner because most mainstream doctors don't believe the problem exists:

I hope that you're able to figure out what's going on, and that she does not actually turn out to have leukemia.
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