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I feel really sorry for your niece. IMHO, her symptoms and disposition is fully contributable to her diet. The fact that your niece can live on the kind of diet you are describing for so long without worse symptoms points to how amazing the human body is. I hope your IL's will exhaust other possibilities and consider nutrition if the doctors don't find any disease because they can't continue to feed her only a few milk and wheat based processed foods for long without long term effects.Your niece really needs real foods and good fats right now while she's growing.


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The worst part about this is that my SIL and MIL are both nurses and it never occured to them that feeding a kid nothing but powdered mac and cheese and canned spaghetti would have an effect on her???
I hear your frustration. While away at DH's sister's wedding for a few days, we met our brother in law's older sister and her husband (now our distant relatives). Throughout the whole time we were there, their children were kept quiet constantly with candy. Ironically, the toddler kept having meltdowns the whole time we were there (which I'm sure was due to the candy), and the morning we all had breakfast together, we observed them feeding the baby chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. Both parents were doctors.
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