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I'm spotting

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I realize I'm only about 4 weeks along now, but seeing blood on the TP today has got me totally freaked out.

If anyone can spare either some "sticky baby" vibes or even just some "calm down" vibes for me, I'd gladly take either.
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I'm sorry, mama. I'll be sending you lots of sticky vibes! Remember, lots of people have spotting during pregnancy and it doesn't mean anything bad is going to happen, especially if it's pink or brown.

Please let us know what happens!
Well, it's definately pink. Almost mucousy - like the start of a mucous plug *LOL* How's that for irony ?

I spotted some with my son, for 2 or 3 days, and he's here and fine.

But I'm still worried. I worried then too. It's just what I do.
I spotted when I was pg with Elle. It was off and on for about 3 weeks. My ob did an ultrasound and he saw blood what he called "old blood" (even though it came out very pink) and said that I would still spot for a few days but that it would eventually stop and it did. I am crossing my fingers for you!!
Sending sticky baby vibes!! At around 4 1/2 weeks pregnant with dd, I went to the bathroom and passed a pretty large clot with some dark blood. I thought for sure that I was losing the baby. Then it slowed down. I ended up having spotting for over a week that kept changing from red to pink to brown then back again. Everything worked out though. But I know how scary it can be. I'm actually pretty paranoid about spotting again this time.

Try to stay positive.
Big hugs and sticky baby vibes your way!

Last preg, I had blood that I only saw because I was still checking cervical mucus at each potty break (I use an ovulation method of NFP). It was basically pink mucus, and I only saw it once. I figure it was implantation bleeding!

A friend of mine had moderate-heavy bleeding and passed clots around 9 weeks with her first preg. She rushed to the OB and had an u/s - baby was fine. She just had a soft cervix that bled easily! She even gushed blood after an internal exam towards the end of pregnancy. Again, they did an u/s just to make sure, but thankfully, it was just her cervix again (and I've seen her OB for a pap smear - I bled for 3 days after that thing, and never went back to him... I think he's just rough!).

Anyway, sticky baby vibes all around.
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Susan Weed has some suggestions for herbs to take during pregnancy. I don't have her website down but if you do a search for her you'll find her info. Also - she has a great book - look it up if you're into that...
Sending sticky vibes your way!
Try not to panic. I had spotting within minutes of getting my BFP. It lasted off and on for about a week. One day it was even bright red! Well, I'm in my 6th week now and so far everything looks good. Spotting doesn't always mean something is wrong. I'm sure everything will be fine. Sticky, sticky baby dust to you!
I had spotting a couple of different times with my last pregnancy. It freaked me out too!!!! But it stopped and my dd is here today.

Sending "sticky" vibes your way!
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I just responded to a thread up above about this very thing. I hope things will be well with your little one, as well. Sending lots of sticky baby vibes & some relaxing, calm, peaceful vibes your way, momma. ((()))

I still had spotting last night - nothing yet today.

But I have taken my temperature the last couple of mornings (as I was charting), and they are up over 98C upon waking. That's giving me a lot of hope.
I think you're fine. My midwife's policy is that if it's on the toilet paper and not in the toilet, that's a good sign. I think it's a good policy. However, I do understand how stressful/anxious it can make you anyhow and I hope you're feeling well. Sending you some positive vibes, mama.
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I've gotten faint positives the last two days -- I'm early -- not due for MP until Friday. But today, after I tested (and it was a definite line today, though still light), I'm having a little discharge. mucousy brownish/pink. Trying hard not to freak. This wasn't a planned pregnancy, but I'll be very sad if I lose it.
Well, no spotting yesterday at all, and so far none today.

I'm starting to feel more confident, even a little excited
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I'm glad to hear that things are looking up. Sending happy healthy vibes your way.
This thread was like getting a breath of fresh air. I got a positive HPT last night, however I spotted yesterday afternoon some, then spotted more during the wee hours of the morning, and then still more this morning. Eek! I feel a little better after reading all of your posts, though.

I think I should go down and pick up a digital test today, though. Just to be sure, you know. (Where's that POAS club?
) Thanks, girls!

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