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So I just found out yesterday for certain that I am pregnant!<br><br>
This was our first cycle trying and I did not think it would happen. But here I am. I tested positive at 8dpo! We took another test this morning because the test we used - Clear Blue Answer early was so faint, both the control and the positive, that I needed another test to be sure. The test this morning was positive too!<br><br>
But I am certain that I am. I already have awful sickies and my nipples are starting to change color (I know, TMI).<br><br>
But my big fear is, is there any chance that I am carrying twins? Since I already have crazy fatigue, dizziness, mammary tissue right beneath my nipples, color and nipple changes? Do my symptoms showing up so early, at 8, 9, 10 dpo at the latest mean that I am carrying two?<br><br>
I am a nanny for 6 month old twins, so I am fully aware of how much work they are. And I don't know that I could do it! DH and I have no twins in our families, and I am only 23. This is our first baby, and I am a wee bit terrified. We wanted this, I am just getting used to the thought.<br><br>
Help me mammas!<br><br>
- Sarah
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