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Hi Leslie,

Welcome to CDin'g! I am a prefold lover so I think your idea of mostly using prefolds is awesome.
For a newborn I would recommend 3 dozen infant prefolds. I like a combo of both 4-6-4 and 4-8-4's. Wrap wise I'd suggest 4-6 nb bummi sww's and proraps and 4-6 smalls in the same brand. Also get a couple snappis and a couple sets of pins (though you can trifold and lay in cover but it's good to have snappis and pins on hand for a snugger fit).

As for your 15mo old you can get 2 dozen regular or premium prefolds. The regulars are trimmer but if you have a heavy wetter go with premiums. Again, bummi and prorap covers are a good way to get started. If you'd like a few AIO's - say 3-6 for outings try the ATD's for an economical and sturdy choice. Also check out some WAHM's and other brands and even think about some Fuzzi Bunz (perform pretty much the same way as an AIO, but you do have to stuff them with either an insert or prefold). FB's are great for outings and overnight.

Oh and coverwise you can also try some wool - say an aristocrat for nights with prefolds.

I'm sure other mamas here will give you some good advice - it can be overwhelming at times, but to get started some good 'ole prefolds and covers are a great choice!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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