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i'm sure this matters to no one but me... but... *i just got my 1st wrap! i love it!*

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I can NOT BeLiEvE I never got one before. I wanna have more babies just so I can use this wrap forever! My back/shoulder has been going crazy with my other carriers and I finally heeded my friends' advise and bought a wrap.

I got a didymos purple waves sz 5. I took it out of the box this afternoon when it arrive and frEAKed!
it is gorgeous!

I immediately opened the book to where it teaches how to do the rucksack carry and within 5 minutes, 8 mo ds was on my back! my arms were free! front side available for carrying my 2 yo dd!!! amazing!!!!

then i read the part about not doing your first wrap without someone else present
: but annnyyywayyyy it WORKEd!!! I can't believe how awesome this is!
...ds only got one or two little bumps...

just kidding

Can you tell I'm excited!!!???

I did the front wrap cross carry thingy, tooo, omg aMaZing!!! so comfy! ds fell asleep right away!!!

dh wonders when i'm gonna take the thing off and go to bed...
i'm free! wooooHOOOO!!!! i love this thing!!!!!!!!

okay, enough of that. but seriously, i'm overjoyed. obvious?
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Welcome to the wonderful world of wrapping!! I know exactly the feeling since I have red waves. You will love that wrap for years to come!
I'm waiting for my silver waves to come in the mail -- although DS is 2-1/2 and usually doesn't want to be worn, I'll have a new little one soon! Yum!
Woo hoo! Congrats! The Didy's feel just sooooo awesome! I really wish I had started wrapping much earlier than I did! Hope you get lots of use out of your new wrap!
me too!!! i love it. i haven't tried the rucksack carry yet, but i really want to. i'm addicted to wraps now and currently looking for gauze to make a summer wrap. congrats!!!

Am totally with you. Took me a while, but once I "got it," I totally got it.

Though am not into the whole "Didy/Storch/Whatever" loop. Am a loyal gypsymama girl. (And just two minutes ago ordered a new BBB ... Iris ... and am waiting with baited breath for this new pale purple she's going to have soon, she posted pictures on TBW, and an incredible baticked rainbow BBS, too ... at least if I'm addicted, thank G!d it's to the less-expensive ones

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