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My sister in law did something simmilar.
She adopted 2 boys from Korea that were about 13 months apart.
When she thought that the oldest was overly ready for PT - she simply explained (keep in mind they were in sposies) that there were no more diapers in the world, and that she needed to use the rest for the youungest brother. She said she explained it very matter of factly, not emotional (like begging, hoping, pleading - any of those "now your a big boy")
He was potty trained in a day.
For the youngest she did something simmilar. It too worked.
It was the strangest thing, because the boys had totally diffrent personalities. I think the key was she waited till they were totally ready.

Also - she was a SAHM, so they were not going to daycare, where there were lots of other children in diapers.
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